Congress Proceedings

The ISSCT has published the proceedings of all its Congresses since the first one in 1924 in Hawaii, a total of 30, as no congress was held for the period 1938 – 1950 because of World War II. 

The Proceedings of the first 30 Congresses are available in the database on this page, while those of the XXXI Congress held in Hyderabad, India from 20 to 23 February 2023 are available in the Members’ Corner on the ISSCT website.

This Corner is accessible only to paid-up ISSCT members.

The Proceedings are fully searchable by authors, titles, subject matter, keywords, etc…

Should a non-member wish to acquire Proceedings of the ISSCT Congresses, he/she should contact the following for:

XXXI Congress, Hyderabad, India, 20 to 23 February 2023

Mr. Amit Khatter at 

A selection of communications presented at the last Congresses are published in the three Sugar Journals: Sugar Journal, Zucker Industrie and Sugar Tech.

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Other publications

The ISSCT has also published various Technical Newsletters and three serial Newsletters: Sugarcane Breeders’ Newsletter (Nos 1-43, 1956-1980, and two informal Newsletters in February & October 1995), Entomology Newsletter (Nos1-15, 1974-1983) and Sugar Cane Pathologists’ Newsletter (Nos 1-29, 1968-1982).

Various other adhoc reports have been published dealing with subjects such as Cane Collection expeditions, Mechanical Harvesting etc. Abstracts of Workshops communications are also regularly published as separate fascicles.

Harvester Testing Protocol

A mechanical harvester testing protocol was compiled from contributions by the Agricultural Engineering Committee members and participants at the Agricultural Engineering Workshop in August/September 1984 in Bundaberg, Australia.


Three books by sugar cane specialists have been published under the auspices of the ISSCT by Elsevier Publishing Co., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Sugar-Cane Diseases of the World, Volume I
    (J.P. Martin, E.V. Abbott and C.G. Hughes, Eds., 1961)
  • Sugar-Cane Diseases of the World, Volume II
    (C.G. Hughes, E.V. Abbott and C.A. Wismer, Eds., 1964)
  • Pests of Sugar Cane
    (J.R. Williams, J.R. Metcalfe, R.W. Mungomery and R. Mathes,Eds.,1969)
  • Diseases of Sugarcane – Major Diseases
    (C. Ricaud, B.T. Egan, A.G. Gillespie Jr and C.G. Hughes, Eds., 1989)

The Pathology Section Committee has published a practical field guide on all sugar cane diseases.

The Editorial Committee consisted of P. Rott, Chairman, (CIRAD, France), R.A. Bailey (SASEX, South Africa), J.C. Comstock (USDA-ARS, USA), B.J. Croft (BSES, Australia) and S. Saumtally (MSIRI, Mauritius), all members of the Pathology Section Committee.

The book which has been published by CIRAD (The French Center for International Co-operation in Development-oriented Agricultural Research) in July 2000 within its series REPERES.

A CD-ROM version that provides an interactive PC aid for the diagnosis of sugar cane diseases has been produced concurrently. Information on the Guide and CD-Rom is available at: