International Sugarcane Biomass Utilization Consortium (ISBUC)

An international consortium was set up to promote the development of technology which could be used to extract additional value by making better use of the whole sugar cane plant. This was initiated by ISSCT as a part of its efforts to encourage the interchange of technical information and promote cooperative research and development.

The aims and objectives of the consortium were as follows:

  • To promote research into the processing of sugar cane biomass into useful value-added products.
  • To establish collaboration among research providers to enhance progress towards commercialization of useful products.
  • To use the input of sugar companies and other industry stakeholders to direct research priorities for maximum benefit.

A Memorandum of Understanding Governing the Activities of the International Sugarcane Biomass Utilization Consortium (ISBUC) which outlined how the consortium functions was drawn and agreed upon in 2006 and ratified at the XXVI Congress in South Africa in 2007.

Meetings were held at each subsequent congress and at ISSCT Co-Products Workshops, the last one in December 2015 in Mauritius. Presentations were made at the XXIX ISSCT Congress in Thailand in 2016. It was subsequently decided at the Mid-Term Meeting held in April 2018 to wind up the Consortium. Information on ISBUC is from the ISSCT Secretariat.

Interested parties are invited to contact:

Dr Jean Claude Autrey
General Secretary
International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT)
Jean Espitalier Noël Building
MSIRI Complex
Moka Road, Postal Code 80835
Tel: +230 465 6800/463 9791
Fax: +230 465 2961/463 9789