Honorary Life Members

Honorary life membership may be conferred upon individual members of the ISSCT who have distinguished themselves in the sugar cane industry and/or have made an outstanding contribution to the Society over a considerable period of time.

Honorary life members are elected by Council on the recommendation of the Executive, following nomination by their peers. A copy of the Nomination Form which gives also some of the conditions attached, can be accessed on this website.

At the XXX Congress, Council elected the following ISSCT members as Honorary Life Members for their outstanding service to the Society and the Sugar Cane Industry at large.

  • Dr. Peter Geoffrey ALLSOPP (Australia)
  • Dr. Manoel Régis Lima Verde LEAL (Brazil)
  • Mr. Timothy John MURRAY (South Africa)

They have been long serving members of ISSCT and have occupied leading positions in respective disciplines.

The total number of Honorary Life Members is now 24 as follows:

Honorary Life Members

P. G. Allsopp Australia -2019
O. Almazan Cuba -1983
L. J. C. Autrey Mauritius -2010
M. C. Bennett UK -2001
T. G. Cleasby South Africa -1983
J. C. Comstock USA -2016
B. T. Egan Australia -1995
R. M. Hadipoero Indonesia -1992
S. Kartasasmita Indonesia -1986
M. R. L. V. Leal Brazil -2019
M. Leopairote Thailand -1992
E. A. L. Lincoln France -1989
F. A. Martin USA -2013
V. Mason Australia -2007
M. Melgar Guatemala -2010
P. H. Moore Hawaii, USA -2016
T. J. Murray South Africa -2019
C. B. Raymond Philippines -1980
P. W. Rein USA -2005
B. C. Ricaud Mauritius -2005
D. M Sawhney India -2001
R. J. Steindl Australia -2016
J. P. Stupiello Brazil -1989
O. W. Sturgess Australia -1992

Those who have passed away

S. Flores Caceres Mexico -2007
D. M. Hogarth Australia -2007
B. L. Legendre USA -2005
J. E. Irvine USA -2001
S. G. Patil India -1999
A. L. Fors USA -1995
G. D. Thompson South Africa -1992
F. Cordovez Venezuela -1989
K. Shoji Hawaii, USA -1989
J. R. Allen Australia -1986
D. Loupe USA -1986
A. J. Vlitos UK -1986
R. Antoine Mauritius -1983
J. L. Clayton Australia -1983
C. D. Grassl USA -1977
H. Morganti Brazil -1977
J. M. Paturau Mauritius -1977
D. Smith Puerto Rico -1977
K. Douwes-Dekker Spain -1974
J. L. du Toit South Africa -1974
E. Hugot Reunion -1974
H. W. Kerr Australia -1974
P. O. Wiehe Mauritius -1974
G. Arceneaux USA -1971
N. J. King Australia -1971
G. P. Meade USA -1971
E. V. Abbott USA -1968
H. F. Clements Hawaii, USA -1968
C .L. Locsin Philippines -1968
L. Baissac Mauritius -1965
H. H. Dodds South Africa -1965
C. W. Edgerton USA -1965
A. G. Gallardo Mexico -1965
K. Gard Australia -1965
C. E. Pemberton Hawaii, USA -1965
J. Saint UK -1965