Since 1984 specialized Workshops have been organized by ISSCT between Congresses. Workshops are held for one discipline or may combine two disciplines.

Schedule of Workshops 2019-2022

Update (10 March 2022)

A virtual meeting of the Executive Committee and TPC was held on Thursday 3 March 2022. Due to a variety of factors, it has been decided to postpone all workshops and to hold them during the inter congress period 2023-2025.

The themes, venues and dates will be chosen at the XXXI Congress in India in February 2023.

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20 – 23 February 2023




The Management Commission Workshop will take place during the XXXI International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Congress that will be held in Hyderabad in India on 20 – 23 February 2023.

The Workshop will provide an opportunity for a discussion on the topic of regenerative agriculture, defining what it is and how it contributes to sustainability, examining current practices and research being conducted as well as considering its value proposition.  

Participants are invited to prepare abstracts related to the theme of the Workshop.

Workshop Format

The formal programme will comprise three workshop sessions, each of which will be preceded by selected oral presentations that will be designed to elicit; discussion relevant to the workshop theme.  Any proposed presentations that are not selected for oral presentation will be considered as posters.

Abstracts of oral presentations and posters will be distributed to participants at the Workshop.

Abstracts for all contributions (oral and poster) must be received by 30 April 2022.  Please note that this is a one month extension on the deadline for the Congress.  Please find the requisite format at:

Call for papers and posters – 2023 ISSCT Hyderabad Congress – International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists

Important Deadlines

30 April 2022:          Deadline for submission of abstract(s) (oral or poster).

15 May 2022:           Organizing Committee to advise on acceptance of oral presentations and posters.

15 June 2022:            Closing date for manuscript submission for posters and papers.

30 November 2022:  Closing date for submission of finalised manuscript.


Since the Workshop will form part of the ISSCT Congress, it will not attract an additional fee, and the costs are as prescribed for the Congress.

Note: ISSCT Membership

All participants must be current ISSCT members in order to register for the Workshop. Membership details are available on the ISSCT website (

Past Workshops

Since 1984 specialized Workshops are organized by ISSCT between two Congresses.

These Workshops are held for one discipline or may combine two disciplines. The list of Workshops for the five last inter-congress periods is given below.

No proceedings are published for Workshops but the list of presentations, various abstracts and a formal workshop report can be accessed on the website.