XXXI Congress 2023

20-23 February 2023

Hyderabad, India

The XXXI ISSCT Congress was held in Hyderabad, India from 20 to 23 February 2023 and was attended by 523 delegates from some 38 countries.

The Congress was preceded by the Pre-Congress Tour from 16 to 19 February in Lucknow and followed by the Post-Congress from 24 to 27 February in  Delhi and Agra.  


    The complete programme is available at

    XXXI ISSCT Final Program

    Daily bulletins that were issued during the congress may be accessed through the following links:
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    Keynote address
    Mr. Ranjit Puri, Chairman, ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd on “Transformation of sugar industry from sugar production to bioenergy hub”

    Plenary Sessions were held on:
    Tuesday 21 February 2023

    Plenary – Sugar and health told differently

    • Cooper J. – The challenge of sugar reformulation – some examples from the UK
    • Denny A. – Sugars and health: what does the latest evidence tell us?
    • Eggleston G. – The case for natural, nutritious, and functional sweeteners from sugarcane that meet new consumer demands


    Wednesday 22 February 2023

    Plenary – Growing sugarcane differently

    • van Antwerpen R., et al – Soil regenerative agriculture in the South African sugar
    • Dart I. –Producing organically certified sugar – an Australian cane grower’s perspective
    • Christina M., et al  – Modelled impact of climate change on sugarcane yield in Réunion, a tropical island


    Thursday 23 February 2023

    Plenary – Diversification done differently for co-products

    • Autrey J. C., et al – Characteristics of specialty and physiologically-enhanced refined sugars produced in Mauritius favourable for good health
    • Mohan N., et al – Importance of diversification and integration in the Indian sugar industry
    • Muir B. – Co-products in the beet sugar industry

    Communications of sections

    206 Communications in all have been presented in the different Sections of the five Commissions during the week. There were 131 papers and 58 posters across the five Commissions of ISSCT including nine Plenary Sessions papers and Sections’ reports.

     Two panel discussions on Present Challenges in the Global Sugar Industry and on Sustainability of the Sugar Industry were held on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 February 2023, respectively.

    Certificates were awarded to Senior Authors and Co-Authors of the best papers of the 5 Commissions as well as for the best posters.


    Best Papers    
    Commission Authors Title
    James E. Irvine Award

    Marius. W. Adendorff,

    A. Jumman and A. Paraskevopoulos

    Adoption of irrigation scheduling in the

    South African sugarcane industry:

    the use of a demonstration trial to

    bring about change.

    Robert Antoine Award
    Angélique D’Hont, Olivier Garsmeur and Nathalie Piperidis Sugarcane genome architecture revealed by chromosome-specific probes, implication for chromosome nomenclature
    Emile Hugot Award
    Julien Rivière, Marc Cadarsi, Jean-Raymond Payet and Camille Roussel In-house C massecuite reheater: a successful development for Le Gol sugar factory
    Maurice Paturau Award
    Sanjay Awasthi, Arun Kumar Tewari and Vikas Takroo Changes to the design of incineration boilers with a changing scenario of ethanol production
    H. William Kerr Award
    R. Van Antwerpen, D. Watt, W. A. Gillespie and P. D. R. van Heerden

    Promoting adoption of soil-health-related regenerative agriculture practices amongst

    small-scale sugarcane grower

    communities in South Africa

    Best Posters
    Commission Authors Title
    Norman Joseph King Award
    A. F. Dias Neto, D. Albiero, R. Rossetto and J. D. Biagi

    Modelling to determine the economic

    feasibility of different soil-tillage systems

    in sugarcane

    Ernest Victor Abbott Award
    Stuart Rutherford, Sandy Snyman and Motselisi Jane Koetle Chemically induced epimutagenesis for sugarcane improvement
    John Clayton Award
    Giovanna M. Aita and Young Hwan Moon

    Effect of cultivation conditions on extracellular polymeric substances production by microbial

    isolates from Louisiana’s crusher juice

    August John Vlitos Award
    Giovanna M. Aita and Young Hwan Moon Unlocking the Real Potential of Black Soldier Fly Larvae Protein and Lipid Derivatives from Cane By-products as Animal Feed

    The Proceedings comprising both papers and posters are available on ISSCT website in the Members’ Corner. Arrangements have been made with the three Journals: Sugar Journal (of New Orleans), Sugar Industry and Sugar Tech to publish some communications selected by them in their forthcoming issues during the year.