ISSCT Secretariat

ISSCT Secretariat

Secretariat of the ISSCT is hosted by:

The Mauritius Sugarcane Industry Research Institute (MSIRI),  Réduit, MAURITIUS (Indian Ocean)

The General Secretary is:
Dr. Jean Claude Autrey
ISSCT Secretariat

Jean Espitalier Noël Building, MSIRI Complex
Moka Road, Réduit 80835

Tel: +230 463 9791

Fax: +230 463 9789

E-mail: ;

The General Secretary helps in co-ordinating the activities of the ISSCT, maintains communication with members and office bearers and fosters public relations. The General Secretary manages the funds of the Society and holds also in custody its technical assets, including a copy of past proceedings, newsletters and other reports and records.

All enquiries regarding the Society should be addressed to the Secretariat.