Proceedings - 2010

Abdel-Mawla, efficiency of mechanical cane loading in egypt - (0.06 MB)
Abstract 2 - (53.87 MB)
Abstract - (47.78 MB)
Aguilar R, productive diversification from sugarcane lignocellulosic byproducts - (0.08 MB)
Almazan, the yeasts, their economic, technological and diversification potential- present and - (0.03 MB)
Amaya, sugarcane research and technology transfer - strategies for the next decade - (0.05 MB)
Angel, monitoring the severity and variability of brown rust (puccinia melanocephala) in sug - (0.31 MB)
Anjos, spatial distribution of sugarcane spittlebug,mahanarva fimbriolata, in sugarcane fiel - (0.24 MB)
Arias Polo, hydraulic motor of high torque with cylinders and crankshaft - (0.26 MB)
Arias Polo, sustainable energy for ethanol distilleries - (0.05 MB)
Avram-Waganoff,report issct coproducts workshop 2009 - (0.07 MB)
Awasthi, San carlos sugar cane to bio-energy - a success story - (0.34 MB)
Azania, persistence of herbicides applied to sugarcane during the rainy season in brazil - (0.02 MB)
Balana, crotalaria juncea, canavalia ensiformis and mucuna sp as possible nitrogen sources f - (0.06 MB)
Behary Paray, vector-virus relationship for melanaphis sacchari (zehnt.) (hemiptera aphidida - (0.04 MB)
Beuzelin, potential impact of mexican rice borer non-crop hosts on sugarcane ipm - (0.18 MB)
Bissessur, use of historical multi-location sugar cane variety trials data to identify relat - (0.07 MB)
Brunini, agroclimatic zoning and climatic risks for sugarcane in mexico - a preliminary study - (0.52 MB)
Burnquist,evaluating sugarcane rd performance evaluation of three breeding programs - (0.13 MB)
Calcino, extension and adoption of the 'six easy steps' nutrient management program in sugar - (0.18 MB)
Campo Zabala, a new nobilisation system in sugar cane (saccharum spp.) - (0.12 MB)
Cantu-Lozano, rheological behaviour of vinasses from a mexican bioethanol factory - (0.34 MB)
Carbonell, monitoring the harvesting of sugarcane and generation of yield maps in real time - (0.36 MB)
Casteneda Briones, isolating and selecting microorganisms to obtain cellulose sustainably - (0.14 MB)
Castillo M.,cogeneration potential in colombian sugar mills - (0.24 MB)
Castillo, an analytical overview of the historical evolution of some performance indexes of - (0.12 MB)
Castillo, commercial yields and rapid adoption of the ecu-01 variety in ecuador - (0.04 MB)
Castillo, opportunities and challenges for sugarcane breeding a summary of the 9th issct bre - (0.05 MB)
Castillo, the colombian experience in the production of bioethanol for transport use - (0.13 MB)
Chandramouli, continuous vacuum pan - an attempt for dual massecuite boilings working - (0.07 MB)
Chen, a review of existing regulations for gm crops and progress made on gm sugarcane resear - (0.07 MB)
Chen, study on farmland application of vinasse from sugarcane molasses - (0.17 MB)
Chen, sugarcane production and research in China - (0.19 MB)
Chopart, functional relationship between sugarcane root biomass and length for cropping syst - (0.06 MB)
Chopart,sugarcane root system depth in three different countries - (0.08 MB)
Chotineeranat, effect of calcium ions on ethanol production from molasses by saccharomyces c - (0.19 MB)
Comstock, advances and challenges in sugarcane biotechnoloy and plant pathology a review of - (0.05 MB)
Comstock, sugarcane rusts in florida - (0.12 MB)
Corcodel, energy content a new approach to cane evaluation - (0.04 MB)
Corcodel, polarisation by filtration for cane payment and factory control - (0.09 MB)
Correa, the biofuels a clean and renewable energy option from sugarcane juices - (0.05 MB)
Cox, sugarcane smut in australia history, response and breeding strategies - (0.25 MB)
Creste, comparison of aflp, trap and ssrs in the estimation of genetic relationships in suga - (0.06 MB)
Cruz, drip irrigation frequency for sugarcane in the tropics - (0.11 MB)
Davis, radical new research strategy at the smri some learnings from the prepex project - (0.25 MB)
De Beauclair, the use of a humic acid-based soil conditioner in sugarcane crop - (0.03 MB)
Dhayan, resistance screening of promising sugarcane clones to two races of gumming disease b - (0.07 MB)
Dias, silamendment in the productivity of four sugarcane varieties in brazil - (0.09 MB)
Diazsolano, energy cycle in cane sugar mills control and optimisation - (0.32 MB)
Dinardo-Miranda, effect of insecticides applied at sugarcane planting on sphenophorus levis - (0.09 MB)
Dinardo-Miranda, effects of insecticides on migdolus fryanus westwood (coleoptera cerambycid - (0.19 MB)
Dodd, implementation plans for supervisory control of pan stage operations - (0.23 MB)
Escobar, an up-date of cogeneration efficiency and economic indicators using modern commerci - (0.37 MB)
Estrada Martinez, molecular characterisation and application of beauveria bassiana (balsamo) - (0.25 MB)
Ferro, functional genomics approaches for the study of water stress in sugarcane - (0.20 MB)
Fillols, preliminary results of a network of trials related to sugarcane nutrition in reunio - (0.07 MB)
Finguerut, sustainability in sugarcane processing in brazil - (0.20 MB)
Fortes, recovery of nitrogen (15n) by sugarcane from previous crop residues and urea fertili - (0.05 MB)
Franco, nitrogen in sugarcane derived from fertiliser - (0.07 MB)
Galvez, genetic diversity of metarhizium anisopliae from sugarcane fields in tabasco state - (3.54 MB)
Garcia, the iranian sugarcane selection program an overview of methodologies - (0.12 MB)
Garcia, use of organomineral fertilisers on sugarcane productivity in a typic haplustox soil - (0.03 MB)
Gaungoo, interactions between seed depth, thickness of trash blanket and herbicide treatment - (0.11 MB)
Gilbert, effect of harvest method on microclimate and sugarcane yield in florida and costa r - (0.16 MB)
Girard, genetic diversity of sugarcane yellow leaf virus in a sugarcane selection plot in gu - (0.05 MB)
Goebel, biocontrol of chilo sacchariphagus (lepidoptera crambidae) a key pest of sugarcane l - (0.11 MB)
Gomez, biological control of the termite heterotermes tenuis (hagen) (isoptera rhinotermitid - (0.19 MB)
Gomez, improvements to a sugarcane road transportation system - (0.41 MB)
Gonzalez-Brambila, diversifying sugar cane cellulose from bagasse - (0.06 MB)
Gopinathan, research and technology transfer strategies for the next decade - an indian exampl - (0.11 MB)
Hale, identification of sources of resistance to sugarcane red rot - (0.11 MB)
Hamdi,managed initiation of sugarcane flowering in khuzestan-iran a study of different photo - (0.04 MB)
Huang, isolation and characterisation of a gene encoding the 1-pyrroline-5- carboxylate syn - (0.20 MB)
Inkson, epa challenges for bagasse fired power stations - (0.71 MB)
Inskip, cane preparation - optimised technology - (0.22 MB)
Isaacs,technology transfer groups and their impact on technology innovation in the sugar agr - (0.14 MB)
Jackson, utilisation of wild canes from china - (0.25 MB)
Jais, communities auto sufficient in fuels for humans, transport and electric needs - (0.14 MB)
Jooman, occurrence of three genotypes of sugarcane yellow leaf virus in a variety collection - (0.28 MB)
Joomun, Identification of three armyworm species (lepidoptera noctuidae) using dna barcodes - (0.18 MB)
Jordison, advanced cooling technology helps ingenio tres valles increase capacity - (0.14 MB)
Jorge, diversification of sugarcane varieties for cattle feed and sustainability - (0.23 MB)
Jorge, improving the harvest season based on the maturity in four sugarcane growing regions - (0.23 MB)
Kawasaki, effects of fipronil bait on sugarcane yield in okinawa, japan - (0.18 MB)
Kealley, sustainability and the australian sugar industry - (0.10 MB)
Kent, design, manufacturing and maintenance of sugar mill equipment issct engineering worksh - (0.05 MB)
Kent, the effect of added water temperature on milling train operation and performance - (0.05 MB)
Khandagave, agronomic management of intercropping in sugarcane and its economic implications - (0.04 MB)
Khoodoo, distribution of sugarcane yellow leaf virus (scylv) in commercial cultivars in maur - (0.12 MB)
Kim, butanol production from sugarcane juices - (0.31 MB)
Koch, an in vitro induced mutagenesis protocol for the production of sugarcane tolerant to i - (0.04 MB)
Kochergin, studies of long-term storage of high quality raw sugar - (0.40 MB)
Koh, change of sugarcane production after introduction of de-trashing equipment a case study - (0.25 MB)
Kulkarn, modified single sulfitation process for producing better quality plantation white s - (0.11 MB)
Kwong, sugar production integration among sugar, alcohol, residue cycling and sustainability - (0.04 MB)
Lea, sustainability of the production of ethanol from sugarcane the brazilian experience - (0.09 MB)
Lejars, a decision support approach to address new sugarcane quality-based payment systems - (0.65 MB)
Lewinski, sugar mill operation with individual drives - (0.38 MB)
Link, plant expressed cellulases for the production of biofuels - (0.16 MB)
Lorenzo, biodiesel starting from non edible oils and ethanol for self-consumption in the agr - (0.03 MB)
Madsen, iron mediated clarification and decolourisation of sugarcane juice - (0.61 MB)
Magarey, orange rust disease of sugarcane - (0.05 MB)
Maher, report on profit, people and planet. how does the south african sugar industry react - (0.04 MB)
Mamet, re-skilling workers within the mauritius sugar industry reform project - (0.05 MB)
Martinez-Tinajero,liverbody mass1 ratios of lab rats drinking water with caloric and hypo-ca - (0.30 MB)
Martinho, plene, an innovative approach for sugarcane planting in brazil - (0.14 MB)
McGlinchey, using computer simulation models to aid replant planning and harvest decisions i - (0.07 MB)
Mesa, advance in genetic improvement to resistance of sugarcane to xanthomonas albilineans - (0.05 MB)
Meyer, ferritic stainless steel aisi 439 for the sugar industry - (0.20 MB)
Meyer, substitution, ferritic stainless steel aisi 439 for the sugar industry - (0.21 MB)
Milanes-Ramos, effects of location and time of harvest on yields of the three main sugarcane - (0.14 MB)
Milanes-Ramos,the preparation of human resources for sugarcane in mexico - (0.21 MB)
Milford, futures based pricing for australian sugarcane growers - (0.41 MB)
Montero-Sanchez, characterisation of cuban final molasses from 1999 to 2008 - (0.17 MB)
Morgenroth, factory concepts for very low steam demand and status of implementation - (1.10 MB)
Morgenroth, on-line monitoring of factory processes - (0.48 MB)
Mullapudi, substitution, comparison of diffusion and milling at a cane sugar plant - (0.50 MB)
Munoz-Arboleda, trash management after green cane harvesting and its effect on productivity - (0.05 MB)
Murillo, monitoring sugarcane crops in the cauca river valley (colombia), using modis satell - (0.03 MB)
Mutton, mahanarva fimbriolata infestation in sugarcane impacts on ethanol production - (1.09 MB)
Mutton, spittlebugs injury on sugarcane increased sugar colour - (0.11 MB)
Nishiyama, the sucest-fun regulatory network database designing an energy grass - (0.18 MB)
Norris, sugarcane mechanisation for profitability and sustainability under environmental con - (0.04 MB)
O Hara, demonstration of cellulosic ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse in australia t - (0.05 MB)
O Shea, Implementation of on-line near infrared (nir) technologies for the analysis of cane - (0.56 MB)
Obando, techno-economic indicators for the thermochemical and biochemical routes for biofuel - (0.53 MB)
Olivares-Villegas, a support framework for deployment of genetically modified sugarcane iden - (0.05 MB)
Oliverio, cogeneration a new source of income for sugar and ethanol mills or bioelectricit - (0.96 MB)
Oliverio, DRD - dedini refinado direto (dedini direct refined) improvements in refined and cry - (0.41 MB)
Oliverio, ethanol dehydration system by siftektm polymeric membrane - (0.60 MB)
Oliverio, integrated production of organomineral biofertiliser (biofom) using by-products f - (0.14 MB)
Oliverio, substitution, alcoholic fermentation with temperature controlled by ecological abs - (0.17 MB)
Oliverio, the dsm - dedini sustainable mill a new concept in designing complete sugarcane mill - (4.12 MB)
Oliverio, water production plant - (0.20 MB)
Otero-Rambla, potassium removal from distillery slops by candida utilis propagation - (0.04 MB)
Otero-Rambla,rhodotorula spp. a potential candidate for biodiesel production - (0.13 MB)
Ovalle Saenz, the effect of orange rust (puccinia kuehnii) on sugar yield in six sugarcane v - (0.06 MB)
Padua Junior, productivity of udults under sugarcane as influenced by the properties of thei - (0.03 MB)
Papers - (47.93 MB)
Parmessur, mapping of sugarcane variety m 13475 using est-ssr markers - (0.24 MB)
Patil, screening agronomically acceptable clones from families assessed under non-moisture - (0.11 MB)
Perez, Perez, strategies for the optimal use of nitrogen fertilisers in the sugarcane crop in guate - (0.06 MB)
Perfetti, environmentally friendly lubricants for mill brasses - (0.55 MB)
Pillay, research and extension needs to mitigate constraints limiting the productivity of sm - (0.09 MB)
Pinto, evaluation of functional microsatellite markers for sugarcane polycross paternity ana - (0.04 MB)
Pinto, identification of microsatellite markers associated with yield components and quality - (0.11 MB)
Plaza, modelling the effect of the sri swirl spreader bagasse combustion system on furnace o - (0.22 MB)
Poy, improving productivity in sugar mills by integrating co-products utilisation - (0.36 MB)
Prabhakar, bagacillo flotation cell - (0.10 MB)
Prabhakar, cane trash as fuel - (0.06 MB)
Programme ISSCT 2010 Congress - (0.10 MB)
Queme,GGE biplot analysis used to evaluate cane yield of sugarcane (saccharum spp.) cultivar - (0.07 MB)
Quirk, acidity neutralisation assessment and remediation of a constructed wetland in sugarca - (0.44 MB)
Quirk, the role of biochar in management of sugarcane - (0.07 MB)
Rackeman, development of descriptor tools for the characterisation of australian sugar mill - (0.20 MB)
Ramdoyal, tolerance of sugarcane parents to herbicides and its transmission in progeny - (0.08 MB)
Ramirez, engineering properties of sugarcane fibres - (0.22 MB)
Ramirez, the effects of centrifugal and factory operation in colour included and occluded in - (0.10 MB)
Ramos, spray volume for the control of weeds in sugar cane - (0.17 MB)
Reagan, a nutritional perspective of sugarcane resistance to stalk borers and sap feeders - (0.05 MB)
Rein,the carbon footprint of sugar - (0.14 MB)
Ribas, a software for simulation of fermentation processes - (0.53 MB)
Richard, designing, producing and processing 'ultimate' varieties of sugarcane - (0.05 MB)
Rocha, use of the life cycle assessment (lca) for comparison of the environmental performanc - (1.28 MB)
Rodriguez, evaporation process improvement using precalculated values for juice injection fl - (0.43 MB)
Rodriguez, genotype by environment interaction for yield in sugarcane performance trials a c - (0.13 MB)
Rodriguez, root density and diameter of sugarcane cultivars across three locations in cuba - (0.08 MB)
Rodriquez, phytosanitary service in the sugarcane industry in cuba - (0.03 MB)
Rosa, repeatability estimates in early maturing sugarcane genotypes - (0.09 MB)
Rossato, sugarcane response to two biotic stressors diatraea saccharalis and mahanarva fimbr - (0.04 MB)
Rossetto, substitute, n and k fertilisation of sugarcane ratoons harvested without burning - (0.12 MB)
Rott, unravelling pathogenicity of xanthomonas albilineans, the causal agent of sugarcane le - (0.06 MB)
Roussel, evaluation of a reunionese variety infected by ratoon stunting disease - (0.07 MB)
Rutherford, combating sugarcane pests in south africa from researching biotic interactions t - (0.59 MB)
Sabadi, process synthesis and management in the boiling house of sugar factories - (0.65 MB)
Saeroji ,substitution, the effect of bagasse furnace ash application on sugarcane resistance - (0.06 MB)
Sainz, prospects of cellulosic ethanol from sugarcane bagasse - (0.10 MB)
Salaza, cane and sugar production of the variety ecu-01 with n, p, k, s and micronutrient ap - (0.70 MB)
Salgado Garcia, a sustainable fertilisation program for a sugar factory in mexico a principl - (1.78 MB)
Salvatore, sugar losses caused by the sugarcane borer (diatraea saccharalis) in tucuman, arg - (0.16 MB)
Saska, colour behaviour in cane juice clarification by defecation, sulfitation and carbonati - (0.17 MB)
Saska, sucrose loss in storage of green billet cane - (0.14 MB)
Sayad, fluctuation in egg numbers of the sugarcane stem borer sesamia nonagrioides lefebvre - (0.21 MB)
Schopf, thermal utilisation of vinasse as alternative fuel - (0.23 MB)
Schroeder, concepts and value of the nitrogen guidelines contained in the australian sugar i - (0.08 MB)
Seeruttun, lumax an alternative to atrazine for pre- and post-emergence control of weeds in - (0.07 MB)
Shanmugha, genetic base broadening of sugarcane (saccharum spp.) by introgression of genes t - (0.12 MB)
Shinogi, optimal use of biomass in an isolated environment case study at miyako island, japa - (0.21 MB)
Silva, assessment of chlorophyll and leaf relative water content as indicators of drought to - (0.20 MB)
Simpson, progress in improving laboratory efficiencies using near infrared spectroscopy - (0.06 MB)
Singels, identifying quantitative trait alleles for physiological traits in sugarcane an exp - (0.06 MB)
Singels, the dssat4.5 canegro model a useful decision support tool for research and manageme - (0.04 MB)
Sitepu, root and basal stem rot disease of sugarcane in lampung, indonesia - (0.04 MB)
Soobadar, impact of high rates of coal flyash on some pertinent soil characteristics and sug - (0.14 MB)
Sousa, utilisation of silfrom metallurgy slag by sugarcane - (0.05 MB)
Spaans, successful site-specific fertilisation with organic by-products - (0.12 MB)
Steindl, clarification of cane juice for fermentation - (0.10 MB)
Steindl, green cane impact on sugar processing issct process workshop 2008 - (0.12 MB)
Steindl, low moisture mud from solid bowl decanters - (0.29 MB)
Steindl, membrane filtration of clarified juice - (0.85 MB)
Stringer, family selection improves the efficiency and effectiveness of selecting original s - (0.05 MB)
Suasaard, utilisation of the green muscardine, metarhizium anisopliae, to control the sugarc - (0.16 MB)
Subramanian, high pressure multi fuel fired boilers for co-generation - (0.40 MB)
Tait, the implementation of a dryercooler conversion and short residence time conditioning s - (0.42 MB)
Tarumoto, substitution,regional simulation approach for evaluating a new sugarcane variety u - (0.10 MB)
Tejada, effects of subsoiling on alfisol soil physical properties in colombia - (0.03 MB)
Tejada, use of vinasse for soil reclamation and its impact on elemental loads in vertisol so - (0.04 MB)
Tew, comparison of biparental and melting pot methods of crossing sugarcane in hawaii - (0.05 MB)

Thangamuthu, a vegetable clarifying agent for cane juice clarification - (0.06 MB)
Thangamuthu, eco-friendly cooking gas from sugar mill waste - (0.04 MB)
Thong-Chane, selecting varieties from seedling stage in gps sugarcane estates - (0.17 MB)
Thorburn, evaluating an ecologically-based system for sustainable management of nitrogen fer - (0.06 MB)
Thorburn,opportunities for and potential consequences of reducing nitrous oxide emissions fr - (0.08 MB)
Toharisman, a new formulated silfertiliser for better sugarcane production - (0.03 MB)
Tominga, influence of bio-ethanol distillation residue on water quality of an underground da - (0.18 MB)
Torrecilla, effect of altitude on sugarcane flowering synchronisation in cuba - (0.05 MB)
Torres, irrigating sugarcane with very low furrow inflow rates - (0.02 MB)
Torres, modified dual row planting system for green cane management in the tropics - (0.10 MB)
Torres, soil moisture groups for sugarcane management - (0.06 MB)
Torres, techno-economical evaluation of an interactive distillery-sugar mill to guide decisi - (0.03 MB)
Tosio, sugar-mill coupling developments since 1987 - (0.34 MB)
Triantarti, minimising of decolourisation cost for invert cane syrup production using low co - (0.06 MB)
Triantri, optimisation of fructooligosaccharides (fos) production using both intracellular a - (0.04 MB)
Trintignac, the use of the colobserver on line colour measurement system to automate a suga - (0.43 MB)
Umrit, changes in soil organic carbon stocks resulting from sugarcane cropping in the humid - (0.29 MB)
Urrutia, new ideas for improving efficiency in the packaging area - (0.11 MB)
Victoria K, development of sugarcane varieties in colombia for site-specific agriculture - (0.08 MB)
Vitti, utilisation of nitrogen from trash by sugarcane ratoons - (0.15 MB)
Voigt, the implementation of south african sugar technology the world's largest sugarcane di - (0.05 MB)
Walford, GC-MS as a tool for carbohydrate analysis in a research envirnoment - (0.98 MB)
Walford,the biological utilisation of bagasse a south african perspective - (0.06 MB)
Watt,SUGARCANE genetic engineering research in south africa from gene discovery to transgene - (0.11 MB)
Webster, the impact of reduced nitrogen fertiliser application rates on nitrogen loads to su - (0.05 MB)
White, breeding resistant sugarcane for managing the stem borer diatraea saccharalis progres - (0.17 MB)
White, impact of globalisation on sugarcane pests, biodiversity and the environment a review - (0.04 MB)
Willcox, futurecane - a major queensland extension initiative that accelerated the adoption of - (0.06 MB)
Wisler, usda-agricultural research service a public partner for sugarcane research and devel - (0.08 MB)
Wynne, economic benefits of research measuring and reporting - (0.07 MB)
Wynne, report on the second issct management workshop, May 2008 - (0.09 MB)
Xavier, allo and auto-competition in sugarcane experiments - (0.03 MB)
Xavier, evaluation of brown rust resistance (puccinia melanocephala) in sugarcane progenies - (0.08 MB)
Yanquan, overview of sugarcane breeding in mainland china - (0.40 MB)