Proceedings - 1995

Aguero Refining Bagasse Chemical Pulp - (0.21 MB)
Aguilar Cane Agricultural Waste Fuel Potential and Available Technology - (0.26 MB)
Albert Development of a PCR Assay for Sugarcane Smut - (0.27 MB)
Allam Strategies for Breeding Varietal Resistance to Sugarcane Stalk Borer Chilo SP - (0.32 MB)
Allsopp Management of Australian Canegrubs - Future Directions in IPM - (0.58 MB)
Amaya Characterization of Lodging in Sugarcane - (0.55 MB)
Anderson Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Phosphorus Fertilization on Sugarcane Grown in Flor - (0.60 MB)
Austmeyer Plate Evaporators in the Sugar Industry - (0.56 MB)
Autrey Application of Biotechnology to Sugarcane Pathogens - (0.61 MB)
Autrey ISSCT Review of Pathology Section Activities - (0.59 MB)
Balance Diallelic Analysis of Resistance of Five Sugarcane Parents to Ustilago Scitaminea S - (0.41 MB)
Bambanaste Fine Sugarcane Bagasse Predigested with Lime for Animal Feed - (0.19 MB)
Belooti High-Efficiency Cane Sugar Factory in a Cogeneration Context - (0.39 MB)
Bhagat Decanter Centrifuges for De-Liquoring Subsider Underflow in the Cane Sugar Industry - (0.26 MB)
Bhagat Falling Film Evaporation in the Cane Sugar Industry - An Indian Experience - (0.35 MB)
Birch Expression of Foreign Genes in Sugarcane - (0.47 MB)
Black Ability of a Recombinant Strain of Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Toxic to Eldana Saccharina - (0.24 MB)
Broadfoot Improving the Quality of C-Sugar Magma - (0.37 MB)
Calderon Evaluation of Sugarcane Varieties Suitable for Early Harvesting Under Tropical Cond - (0.45 MB)
Cargill An Innovative Sugar Mill - (0.32 MB)
Carroll Plant Biotechnology Researcg and Prospects for Sugarcane, Including Transformation - (0.72 MB)
Casagrande Influence of Residues from Mechanical Harvesting and Vinasse on Soil Nitrogen in - (0.22 MB)
Cassalet Self-Pollination in Sugarcane Hybrids - (0.30 MB)
Cassalett Self-Stripping Sugarcane Varieties - (0.42 MB)
Chang Fermentation Conditions for L-Lysine Synthesis by Brevibacterium Lactofermentum HS918 - (0.25 MB)
Chang Implications of Inbreeding Coefficient and Coancestry in a Sugarcane Breeding Program - (0.37 MB)
Chen Laboratory Propagation of Meloboris Sinicus, A Larval Parasitoid of Sugarcane Borers - (0.23 MB)
Chen Peroxidase Zymograms as a Marker for Detecting Introgression of Germplasm During Saccha - (0.38 MB)
Chou Refining Quality of Raw Sugar - (0.67 MB)
Clarke Sugarcane Crop Analysis by NIR - (0.33 MB)
Clarke Systems for Production of White Sugars - (0.53 MB)
Cock Proceedings XXII Congress - (0.07 MB)
Cole Benefits of Permanent Magnets in Factory Evaporation - (0.13 MB)
Comstock Screening for Resistance to Ratoon Stunting Disease in Florida - (0.54 MB)
Correa Report of Congress Organizing Committee - (0.05 MB)
Crane Stainless Steel Laser-Drilled Screens for Continuous Sugar Centrifugals - (0.46 MB)
Crees Electrodialysis of Syrup and Molasses - (0.35 MB)
Cruz Lignin Recovery From Spent Bagasse Liquor - (0.14 MB)
Cuenya Breeding Sugarcane for Early High-Sugar Content in Subtropical Climates - (0.32 MB)
D'Hont The Genome of Modern Sugarcane Varieties - (0.41 MB)
Daugrois Quantitative Method for Studying Sugarcane Resistance to Puccinia Melanocephala - (0.46 MB)
de Beer A Review of Cane Stool Eradication and Seedbed Preparation Methods - (0.84 MB)
de Beer Green Cane Harvesting and Trash Management - (0.74 MB)
del Olmo Biotechnology Applied to Sugarcane By-Products - The State of the Art - (0.29 MB)
Devenhage Improving the Prediction of Potassium Requirements of Sugarcane in Base-Saturated - (0.49 MB)
Diaz Effects of Seedcane Treatment with Ethephon on Generation, Population and Yields of Sug - (0.30 MB)
Dick Sensor and Control Technology in Sugarcane Harvesters - (0.46 MB)
Dixon Advanced Combustion Technology for Uprating Boiler Capacity - (0.41 MB)
Dookun Constraints in Sugarcane Micropropagation by Tissue Culture - (0.59 MB)
Dookun Monoclonal Antibodies Specific to Race 1 of Xanthomonas Campestris PV Vasculorum, Cau - (0.69 MB)
du Plooy Rock and Sand Removal System for Cane Prior to Milling - (0.39 MB)
Echavarria To Burn or not to Burn - Environmental, Technological and Economic Consideration - (0.37 MB)
Edye Sucrose Loss and Color Formation in Evaporators - (0.54 MB)
Edye The Analysis of Dextrans in Raw Sugars by H NMR - (0.10 MB)
Egan Report of the Executive Committee 1992 - 1995 - (0.09 MB)
Eggleston Chemistry of Salt-Catalyzed Degradation of Sucrose in Concentrated Aqueous Solutio - (0.24 MB)
Engelmann Networking Efforts in Germplasm Preservation - (0.42 MB)
Falloon Report of the ISSCT Entomologists Sectional Committee to the XII Congress, Cartagena - (0.16 MB)
Fang Underground Pipeline Surge-Flow Furrow Irrigation - (0.31 MB)
Fang Vegetative Compatibility and Virulaence of Xylaria CF Warburgh, A Causal Organism of Ro - (0.55 MB)
Farrell Control of Independently Driven Pressure Feeders on Crushing Mills - (0.28 MB)
Fernandez Bagasse as Fibrous Material for Third Generation By-Products - (0.31 MB)
Fernandez The Role of Sugarcane Stalk Fibers in Bagasse Chemical Pulping - (0.28 MB)
Filho Vinasse Application in a Brazilian Sandy Soil and Nitrogen Water Table Pollution - (0.35 MB)
Fitch Insect-Resistant, Transgenic Sugarcane via Particle Bombardment - (0.34 MB)
Gallo-Meagher Selecting Sugarcane Plants Transformed with the BAR Gene - (0.40 MB)
Ganeshan Sugarcane Leaf-Eating Caterpillars - Their Bionomics and Management - (0.40 MB)
Gawander Productivity of Sugarcane in Fiji as Affected by Planting Dates, Age at Harvest and - (0.41 MB)
Godshall Moisture Determination of Sugar Products by Instrumental Techniques - (0.12 MB)
Gomez Measurement of Power Sharing in a Conventional Three Roller Mill - (0.35 MB)
Gomez Selection of Trichogramma for MAnaging Sugarcane Borers in the Cauca Valley, Colombia - (0.35 MB)
Gooch Method for Measuring Clarifier Mud Consistency - (0.10 MB)
Greig Continuous Centrifugal for High Grade Sugars - (0.47 MB)
Groenewald An Alternative Approach for Constructing Synthetic Genes - (0.33 MB)
Gutierrez Life Cycle of Valentinia SP. on Sugarcane and Maize, and Evaluation of Natural Par - (0.27 MB)
Ha Karotyping of Somatic Sugarcane Chromosomes by Computer-Aided Imaging Methods - (0.35 MB)
HaBlein Energy Savings and Optimization in Sugar Factories - (0.42 MB)
Harvey PCR-Based Methodologies for Fingertyping Sugarcane - Use of Random Decamer, Microsate - (0.33 MB)
Hendroko Cane Machines for Smallholders in Java - (0.42 MB)
Henry Soil as a Factor in Sugarcane Ratoon Yield Decline on an Irrigated Estate in Swaziland - (0.59 MB)
Hobson Modelling Cane Particle Trajectories During Pneumatic Cane Cleaning - (0.35 MB)
Hsieh An Approach to Zero-Effluent in Cane Sugar Factories - (0.28 MB)
Hsu Heritability and Modes of Inheritance of Brix in Sugarcane seedlings - (0.49 MB)
Huang Treatment of Wastewater from Sugar Mill by Facultative-Aerobic System - (0.26 MB)
Huckett Rapd Marker Stability and Transmission in a Seven-Generation Sugarcane Genealogy - (0.28 MB)
Hudson Mechanization of Smaller Sugarcane Farms - (0.62 MB)
Irvine Sugarcane Biotechnology - Development, Progress and Potentials - (0.26 MB)
ISSCT Office Bearers 1992-1995 - (0.11 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings of the XXII Congress Vol 2 - (0.02 MB)
Jackson The Role of Family Selection in Sugarcane Breeding Programs and the Effect of Genoty - (0.79 MB)
Jacquin Mechanical Eradication of Old Cane Stubble in MAuritius - (0.36 MB)
Jadhav Effect of Incorporation of Sugarcane Trash on Cane Productivity and Soil Fertility - (0.34 MB)
Jain Prevention of Damage to Continuous Centrifugal Screens - (0.08 MB)
Jhoty Geographic Information Systems as Decision Support in the Sugarcane Industry - (0.46 MB)
Johnson The Condition Monitoring Approach to Efficient Maintenance - (0.40 MB)
Kent GPS in the Sugar Industry - (0.23 MB)
Keskar Sugar Analysis of Molasses by HPLC - (0.28 MB)
Larrahondo Separation and GS-MS Identification of Colombian Raw Sugar Constituents - (0.16 MB)
Lee Filterability of Raw Sugars - (0.54 MB)
Lentini Sugarcane Nutritional Analysis Program (SNAP) A Simple Expert System - (0.13 MB)
Leslie Approaches to the Control of the Pyralid Sugarcane Borer Eldana Saccharina Walker - (0.38 MB)
Lin An Automatic Pan-Boiling Control System in Taiwan - (0.33 MB)
Lingle Teaching and Old Dog New Tricks - Molecular Methods in Sugarcane Technology - (0.53 MB)
Lionnet A Review of Cane Quality in South Africa and its Effect on Factory Performance - (0.68 MB)
Lionnet Color Transfer in the South African Cane Sugar Industry - (0.47 MB)
Liu Organic Compound Fertilizer From Ethanol Distillery Slops - (0.25 MB)
Loffredo A Modern Concept in Cane Juice Concentration - (0.68 MB)
Lois Report on ISSCT Workshop on Sugarcane By-Products HAvana Cuba May 1993 - (0.47 MB)
Love Sugar Factory Automation - (0.37 MB)
Ma Efficiency of the Combined Selective Index in Individual Selection in Sugarcane - (0.24 MB)
Machado Emasculation of Sugarcane Tassels Using Hot Water - (0.43 MB)
Magarey A Review of Root Disease Research in Australia - (0.60 MB)
Magarey New Sugarcane Diseases Observed in Commercial Cane at Gusap PNG - (0.38 MB)
Martin Report on the ISSCT Germplasm Committee - (0.20 MB)
Martoya Synthesis Characterization of Structure and Surface Activities of Some Sucrose Mono - (0.40 MB)
McIntyre Trash Management in Mauritian Sugarcane Plantations - (0.27 MB)
Meyer Soil Management Research for Sustainable Ratoon Cane Production in the South African S - (0.65 MB)
Mirzawan Relationships Among Test Environments of the Central Queensland and Sugarcane Selec - (0.61 MB)
Mitterand Sugarcane Evaporator Scale Control Technology - (0.12 MB)
Mohamed Differentiation of Xonthomonas Albilineans Strains Based on Multiplication of the Pa - (0.51 MB)
Moore Progress in Sugarcane Molecular Biology - (0.91 MB)
Munoz Analysis of the Mechanical Performance of a Sugarcane Mill - (0.32 MB)
Munoz Design, Installation and Testing of the Mechanical Devices on Sugar Cane Push-Pile Loa - (0.47 MB)
Mutton Ethanol Fermentation Yields in Liquid and Semisolid Phase in Sugarcane with and witho - (0.25 MB)
Noel Cogeneration in Cane Sugar Factories - (0.32 MB)
Ortiz Perez Environmental Effect on Progeny Selection in the Early Stages of Sugarcane Breed - (0.47 MB)
Ouvanich Effect of Yellow Spot Disease on Sugarcane in Thailand - (0.30 MB)
Pardo Welcoming Address - (0.10 MB)
Perumal Indicators of Nutrient Assimilation and Sucrose Content in Cane Grown in Tropical In - (0.41 MB)
Platford Environmental Management Plan for the South African Sugar Industry - (0.26 MB)
Prammannee Green Manure as a Means to Sustain Sugarcane Production in Thailand - (0.38 MB)
Premono Improvement of P Uptake and Growth of Sugarcane by Phosphate Solubilizing Microorgan - (0.36 MB)
Purchase Disposal of Liquid Effluents from Cane Sugar Factories - (0.36 MB)
Ramdoyal Studies on the Inheritance of Yellow Spot Disease in Sugarcane - (0.49 MB)
Ravelo Analytical Procedure for Oligosaccharides in Sugarcane Products - (0.24 MB)
Rearick Removal of Non-Sugars from Cane Molasses by Ion-Exclusion Chromatography - (0.33 MB)
Rein Experiences with long tube climbing film evaporators - (1.80 MB)
Ricaud Report of Executive - Report of the Technical Panel - (0.08 MB)
Richard Efforts to Control Bermuda Grass in Sugarcane Grown in Louisiana - (0.74 MB)
Richard The Louisiana Whole-Stalk Soldier Harvesting System and Innovations- Modifications t - (0.40 MB)
Romero Sugar Loss Estimation Under Subtropical Harvesting Conditions - (0.56 MB)
Rott Recent Advances in Research on VAriability of Xanthomas Albilineans, Causal Agent of Su - (0.48 MB)
Runge Sustainability and Environmental Issues - (0.78 MB)
Rutherford Rapid Near Infra-Red Techniques for Predicting Resistance to the Sugarcane Borer - (0.40 MB)
Saechu Adjusting Pinhole Grates in Stork and Bosto Boilers at Cane Sugar Factories in Indone - (0.16 MB)
Samoedi Yield Losses of Commercial Cane Varieties Due to Infestation of White Top Moth Borer - (0.31 MB)
Saska Membrane Based Separations and Countercurrrent Multicolumn Systems for Decolorization, - (0.77 MB)
Saumtally Detection, Transmission and Control of Leaf Scald of Sugarcane Caused by Xanthonom - (0.60 MB)
Saumtally Evolution of Aerial Infection of Leaf Scald Caused by Xanthomonas Albilineans in S - (0.37 MB)
Sheu Rating of Drought Resistance in Sugarcane - (0.32 MB)
Sirohi Configuration of Evaporator Bodies for Energy Savings - (0.26 MB)
Smith Variability in Sugarcane Bacilliform and Mosaic Viruses and Consequences for Diagnosis - (0.46 MB)
Soopramanien Agronomic and Physiological Aspects of Sugarcane Ratooning - (0.52 MB)
Sosa Evaluation for Resistance in Sugarcane to the Sugarcane Borer Diatraea Saccharalis - (0.31 MB)
Stone On-Line Instrument for Measuring Optical Density of Various Juice Streams in a Sugar F - (0.19 MB)
Stupiello Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) for Antimicrobial Products on Gram Bacteria - (0.18 MB)
Suasa-ard Utilization of Cotesia Flavipes for Augmentative Biological Control of Sugarcane M - (0.34 MB)
Table of Contents - (0.53 MB)
Tai Evaluation of the World Collection of Saccharum Spontaneum L. - (0.63 MB)
Tamanikaiyaroi Loss in Cane Quality Caused by the Cane Weevil Borer in the Fiji Sugar Indust - (0.32 MB)
Tobe Falling Film Evaporators for the Sugar Industry - (0.31 MB)
Tonta Determination of Optimum Number of Ratoons in Sugarcane by The Discounted Cash Flow Te - (0.38 MB)
Torres Alternate-Furrow Irrigation of Sugarcane - (0.51 MB)
Torres Green Cane Management under Heavy Trash Conditions - (0.59 MB)
Torres Irrigation Au Sol de la Canne a Sucre un Rang Sur Deux - (0.08 MB)
Torres Soil Compaction Management for Sugarcane - (0.71 MB)
Uchoa Sugarcane Biofactory - Achievements and Problems - (0.26 MB)
Umrit Leaching and Persistence of Selected Herbicides Used in Sugarcane Fields in Mauritius - (0.66 MB)
Vaccari Potential Application of Cooling Crystallization to Cane Sugar Refining - (0.53 MB)
Vega The Environment and its Usefulness as Testing Environment - (0.25 MB)
Victoria Yield Decrease Due to Ratoon Stunting Disease of Sugarcane in Colombia - (0.46 MB)
Villamil Added Value of Third Generation Bagasse By-Products - (0.20 MB)
Viveros Age for Artificial Photoperiod Production of Sugarcane in the Tropics - (0.38 MB)
Walker Raising Cane in the New World - (0.36 MB)
Walthew Examination of Evaporator Scale From South African Mills - (0.10 MB)
Walthew Examination of Evaporator Scale From South African Millsa - (0.11 MB)
Wang Nutrient Recycling of Alcoholic Slops by Irrigation in Sugarcane Fields - (0.35 MB)
Whittaker Relationship of PFP Expression in Sugarcane to Fiber and Sucrose Accumulation - (0.22 MB)
Wong Sak Hoi Clarification Studies Leading to Adoption of Saxxharate Liming in Mauritian Sug - (0.49 MB)
Yang Production and Chromatographic Separation of 90 percent Fructo-Oligosaccharides - (0.19 MB)
Yang Production of Nucleotide-5-Monophosphates from Yeast Ribonucleic Acids - (0.29 MB)
Yang Ratoon Management Practices Uder Rainfed Agriculture in Fiji - (0.38 MB)
Yang Trash Management in Relation to Soil Conservation and Fertilization Under Rainfed Agric - (0.38 MB)
Zadrazil Rainfall and irrigation Efficiencies for Irrigated Sugarcane in Malawi - (0.32 MB)
Zhang Genetic Engineering of Sugarcane for Leaf Scald Phytotoxin and Disease Resistance - (0.49 MB)