Proceedings - 1989

Abstracts of Poster Presentations- (0.45 MB)
Agricultural Engineering Section Report - ISSCT Workshop on Mechanical Harvesting and Handli- (0.86 MB)
Agronomy Section Report- (0.09 MB)
Aguero Present and Future Uses of Chemimechanical Pulp from Bagasse- (0.27 MB)
Allsopp Cane Grub Research and Control in Australia Since 1970- (0.36 MB)
Alves da Cunha Purification of hydrated Ethanol Through Ion Exchange Resins- (0.66 MB)
Ananta Martoyo Extraction, Colour of Juices and Sugar Obtained Using The First Solid-Liquid- (0.27 MB)
Ananta The Applicability of Rotational Viscometers to Measure Rheological Properties of Mass- (0.41 MB)
Author Index- (0.05 MB)
Autrey An Evaluation of Quarantine Procedures Adopted for Sugarcane in Sixteen Countries- (0.68 MB)
Autrey Improved Serological Methods for Diagnosis of the Leaf Scald Bacterium- (0.38 MB)
Autrey Sugarcane Bacilliform Virus and Other Diseases of Sugarcane in Morocco- (0.38 MB)
Avram-Waganoff Technology Transfer Between the Beet and Cane Sugar Industries- (0.52 MB)
Batchelor design and Management of Sugarcane Drip Irrigation Systems- (0.38 MB)
Berding Application of Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) Spectroscopy to the Analysis of Sugar- (0.33 MB)
Boast An Economical Mechanical Front Mounted Cane Cutter for Tractors- (0.50 MB)
Borges The Alcohol Fuel Program in Brazil, Economic Feasibility and Perspectives in the Medi- (0.21 MB)
Braithwaite Meeting the Mechanization Needs of a Sugar Estate- (0.29 MB)
Bravo Early Evaluation for Rust Resistance in Sugarcane Tissue Culture-Derived Plantlets- (0.41 MB)
Carebet The Advantage of ABD Over the ACD Boiling System- (0.12 MB)
Castilho Sequential Sampling to Evaluate Diatraea Saccharalis Populations in Sugarcane- (0.24 MB)
Chang The Disposal of Alcohol Slops on Sugarcane Fields- (0.24 MB)
Charernsom Sugarcane Whitefly and its Parasites in Thailand- (0.32 MB)
Chavanne The Efficiency of Clonal Selection Across Environments in Sugarcane- (0.28 MB)
Chen Bagasse Drying System for CE 65 t-h Boiler- (0.19 MB)
Chen Studies on Sugarcane Mosaic Disease in Taiwan- (0.24 MB)
Chen Studies on the Electrofusion Conditions of Sugarcane Protoplasts- (0.31 MB)
Chinnaswamy Automatic Microprocessor-BAsed pH Control System for Juice Clarification to Prod- (0.24 MB)
Chuang Treatment of Bagasse Pulp Wastewater by Flocculant-Producing and Lignin-Adsorbing Bac- (0.20 MB)
Committee Report - Executive Committee- (0.38 MB)
Comstock Sugarcane Rust - Factors Affecting Infection and Symptom Development- (0.34 MB)
Constitution of the ISSCT- (0.54 MB)
Croft A Review of Research into Pachymetra Root Rot, An Important New Fungal Disease of Suga- (0.37 MB)
Damasceno Alcohol Vehicles- (0.18 MB)
de Armas Composition of Some Soluble Carbohydrate Fractions from Sugarcane Juice- (0.38 MB)
de Armas Experiences in the Optimal Design of Evaporatort-Heater Station- (0.32 MB)
de Assis A 6-roller Self-Setting Extraction Unit- (0.20 MB)
de Beer The Findings of the Sectional Committee on Mechanical Harvesting and Handling of Sug- (0.35 MB)
de la Fe The Effect of Month of Start, Month of Harvest and Age at Harvest on Quality and Yi- (0.28 MB)
Deepchand Energy and Feed Production from Sugar Cane Tops and Leaves on an Industrial Scale- (0.38 MB)
Diez The Development of Cuban Depithers and the Results Obtained- (0.20 MB)
Donaldson A Review of Chemical Used as Ripeners of Sugarcane in South Africa- (0.47 MB)
Egan Chopper Harvesting in Australia- (0.10 MB)
Elkader Filter Mud Cake as a fuel for Steam Generation in Egypt- (0.25 MB)
Enahari Intercropping Sugarcane in Morocco- (0.27 MB)
Factory Engineering Section Report- (0.14 MB)
Falloon Eight Years of Biological Control of Diatraea Saccharalis in Jamaican Sugarcane- (0.26 MB)
Fonseca Irrigation Systems and Water Use by Sugarcane in Cuba- (0.26 MB)
Friedman A New Process for the Production of Dehydrated Sugar Cane Tops- (0.30 MB)
Gandanna The Problem of Colouring of Stored Indonesian Plantation White Sugar- (0.20 MB)
Glaszmann Molecular Genetic Markers in Sugarcane- (0.60 MB)
Gonzales Standardized Filtrability Test - Some Experiences of its Application- (0.30 MB)
Gray Improving Distillery Operation by Molasses Clarification- (0.26 MB)
Hazos Eight Years Experience With a Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporator for Distiller- (0.25 MB)
Hemaida Egyptian Bagasse Diffuser Versus Mill- (0.25 MB)
Hernandez Rust-Sugar Cane Interaction - Possible Application of Serological Methods for Earl- (0.40 MB)
Hernandez Treatment of Alcohol Distillery Effluent Using Sugarcane Pith- (0.27 MB)
Hogarth Changes in the BSES Plant Improvement Programme- (0.29 MB)
Hormaza Oligosaccharides and the Sucrose Crystal Habit- (0.19 MB)
Hoy The Role of Pythium in Sugarcane Stubble Decline in Louisiana- (0.34 MB)
Hsiao Automatic Pan Boiling by Personal Computer- (0.21 MB)
Hsu Development of Prominenet Breeding Stocks Through Nobilization of Saccharum Spontaneum- (0.30 MB)
Huang Development of a Wholestalk Sugarcane Harvester- (0.32 MB)
Hudson An Overview of Mechanized Harvesting of Sugarcane- (0.12 MB)
Hutasoit Characteristics of Immobilized Glucose Isomerase- (0.17 MB)
Inman-Bamber Cane Payment System Used in South Africa- (0.18 MB)
Irvine The Present State and the Potential of Engineering Transgenic Cane- (0.14 MB)
ISSCT Author Index- (0.04 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings of the XXth Congress Volume 2- (0.16 MB)
Kapur Role of Multiple Property Measurements in the Regulation of Low-Grade Sugar Strikes- (0.29 MB)
Kumar Determination of ICUMSA Colour of Sugar Solutions at 273 nm- (0.22 MB)
Landell Evaluation of Sugarcane Genotypes for Aluminium Tolerance in Nutrient Solutions- (0.33 MB)
Larrahondo Some Factors Affecting Juice Quality Components of Sugarcane in Colombia- (0.29 MB)
Larson Biomass Gas turbine Cogeneration for the Cane Sugar Industry- (0.54 MB)
Lee Hardboards of High Quality from Unbleached Bagasse Kraft Pulp and Synthetic Lattices- (0.22 MB)
Legendre Use of Feral Germplasm for Sugarcane Improvement in Louisiana- (0.37 MB)
Liu Effect of Vigour of Donor Cells and Agarose Culture on Improvement of Callus Formation f- (0.62 MB)
Lo Breeding of Saccharum Miscanthus Hybrids for Fibre Resource- (0.30 MB)
Lodos Integrated Diversification - Production of High Fructose Syrups and Glucose-Sorbitol f- (0.24 MB)
Lodos The Development of a Vibro-Fluidized Bed Cooler for Preventing Raw Sugar Deterioration- (0.23 MB)
Lois Cultivation of Edible Fungi Oyster Mushrooms on Cuban Ligno-Cellulosic Residues- (0.24 MB)
Lorenz Energy Generation and Use in Brazilian Sugar and Alcohol Factories- (0.20 MB)
Lorenzi Trash Blankets - The Potential to Control Weeds and the Effect on Ratoon Cane Develo- (0.22 MB)
Macedo Viral Insecticides and an Insect Growth Regulator in Diatraea Saccharalis Control Thr- (0.32 MB)
Mantelatto Preliminary Trials on the Use of a Thermally Accelerated Short Time Evaporator (T- (0.31 MB)
Mason A Robot BAsed System for the Analysis of Raw Sugar Juice- (0.33 MB)
McIntyre The Effect on Sugarcane Yield, Weed Control, Physical and Chemical Properties of th- (0.20 MB)
Membership List- (1.50 MB)
Milford Australian Sugarcane Analysis - A Climate of Change- (0.33 MB)
Milhollon Differential Response of the Sugarcane Cultivars to Competition from Johnsongrass- (0.39 MB)
Minutes of the Final Plenary Session- (0.53 MB)
Minutes of the First Meeting of the Executive Committee- (0.20 MB)
Minutes of the First Meeting of the Technical Panel- (0.16 MB)
Minutes of the Meeting of the New Executive Committee- (0.04 MB)
Mochtar Decolourization of Phosphatation Cane Sugar Remelt by Polyamine- (0.31 MB)
Mondui Wear and Corrosion in the Crushing Plant of Sugar Factories- (0.25 MB)
Moore Molecular Biology of Sucrose Storage, A Specific Trait Related to Yield- (0.20 MB)
Moore Production and Evaluation of Sugarcane Haploids- (0.45 MB)
Morelli The Effects of increasing Amounts of Lime and Phosphogypsum on the Productivity of S- (0.32 MB)
Munhoz The USe of Digital Electronics in Process Industries- (0.18 MB)
Munsamy Fly Ash and Boiler Ash Handling and Disposal at Sezela- (0.24 MB)
Naamatalla Potassium Fixation in Soils of the CAmpos Region, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil- (0.20 MB)
Neto Effects of Green and Burned Cane on Cane Quality, Cane Losses, Crop Residues and Choppe- (0.27 MB)
Nonato RFLPS, Gene MApping and their Potential Impact on Conventional Sugarcane Breeding- (0.10 MB)
Nour Effect of Soil Salinity on Sugarcane Yield- (0.20 MB)
Nour The Feasibility of Mechanical Cutting and Loading of Sugarcane in Egypt- (0.26 MB)
Nuss The Use of a Computer in a Sugarcane Breeding Programme- (0.16 MB)
Ogden Process Energy Efficiency and Cogeneration in Cane Sugar Factories- (0.45 MB)
Oliverio Energy Optimization and Electricity Production in Sugar Mills and Alcohol Distiller- (0.38 MB)
Oliverio Methane Gas from Stillage as a Motor Fuel- (0.33 MB)
Ortiz Effectiveness of Early Sugarcane Selection Procedures in Cuba- (0.22 MB)
Perez Sanfiel A New Method for Determining Pol in Sugar Products Using Non-Toxic Substances- (0.21 MB)
Peros Altered Rust Resistance and Yield Components Arising from Leaf Tissue and Bud Culture - (0.32 MB)
Perumal Identification of Causes for Variation in Productivity of Irrigated Sugarcane Variet- (0.36 MB)
Pires Phenotypic Stability of Sugarcane Varieties in Brazil- (0.33 MB)
Preface to the XXth Congress- (0.44 MB)
Rahman Physiological Responses of Sugarcane to Flooding Stress- (0.39 MB)
Ramaiah Further Studies on Development of Colour in Plantation White Sugars- (0.26 MB)
Ramdoyal Potassium Metabisulphite as a Substitute for Sulphur Dioxide in Preservative Soluti- (0.33 MB)
Ramos Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Purification bt Phosphatation- (0.30 MB)
Reagan Differential Instantaneous Rates of Increase of the Sugarcane Borer Diatraea Sacchara- (0.26 MB)
Reid Energy Utilisation in South African Sugar Mills- (0.22 MB)
Reid Possible Causes of Recent Roll Shaft Failures in South African Sugar Mills- (0.26 MB)
Rico The Structure of the World Sugar Market- (0.07 MB)
Ridge The Adoption of Green Cane Harvesting and Trash Blanketing in Australia- (0.34 MB)
Riviere Washing Sugar Out of CAne - A Proposed New Hydrodynamic Extraction Process- (0.30 MB)
Roach A Programme for Sugarcane Improvement from Genetic Diversity - Background and Prelimin- (0.50 MB)
Ruwiyani Research on Automatic pH Electrode Cleaners at Cinta Manis S.F. Indonesia- (0.19 MB)
Saavedra Fluff Pulp - New Field of Application of Bagasse Fibre- (0.48 MB)
Saavedra The Hemicelluloses of Sugarcane- (0.34 MB)
Saechu The Performance of a Combination-Type Boiler in Indonesia- (0.41 MB)
Samoedi Impact of Mass Liberation of Diatraeophaga Striatalis Towns on the Population and In- (0.20 MB)
Sandoval New Hyperparasites and Sori-Associated Fungi of Sugarcane Rust- (0.28 MB)
Saska Degradation of Sugarcane Dextran by Ultrasonic Irradiation- (0.36 MB)
Sayed A Modified One-Row Cane Planter Suitable for Egyptian Farming Conditions- (0.32 MB)
Scandaliaris Sugarcane Productivity, Yield Components and Efficiency of Solar Radiation Use - (0.40 MB)
Shaw Empirical Relationships Between Minimum Air Temperatures, Stale Cane and Cane - Sugar R- (0.18 MB)
Silva Liquid Chromatography Applications- (0.20 MB)
Silva Sugar Cane Payment System in Brazil- (0.22 MB)
Silva The Use of Ethephon to Manage Sugarcane Varieties in Different Locations of the Centra- (0.05 MB)
Soeprijanto Emasculation of Sugarcane Tassels Using Alcohol Immersion- (0.18 MB)
Soopramanien Effect of Water Regime on the Yield of Drip Irrigated Sugarcane Intercropped Wi- (0.31 MB)
Sricastava Development of a Power-Operated Sugarcane Detrasher- (0.31 MB)
Subject List Volume 1- (0.12 MB)
Suranto Trials on Leaf Scorch Disease in Indonesia- (0.22 MB)
Tai Low Temperature Preseration of Saccharum Pollen- (0.29 MB)
Thangamuthu Bagasse for Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms- (0.22 MB)
Thompson ISSCT Proceedings of the XXth Congress- (0.15 MB)
Torres Soil Compaction and Sugarcane Stool Damage due to Semi-Mechanized Harvesting in the W- (0.33 MB)
Tsang Ion Chromatography, Flow Injection Analysis and Other Techniques for the Future- (0.25 MB)
Ueno Evaluation of a Mechanical Harvesting System for Green Cane- (0.39 MB)
Vaccari Cane Sucrose Crystal Colour Inclusions and Habit Modifications- (0.68 MB)
Vaccari Glucose and Fructose Effects on Cane Sugar Crystal Morphology- (0.65 MB)
Vaccari Modern Analytical Techniques in the Sugar Industry- (0.32 MB)
Valdes Experiences with a New Plate Heater Design for Mixed Juice- (0.20 MB)
Valdes The Technical and economic Importance of Direct Contact Heaters- (0.17 MB)
van Hengel Diffusion as a Steam Saver- (0.29 MB)
Vercambre Natural Decline of Hoplochelus Marginalis, An Insect Pest of Sugarcane in Reunion - (0.21 MB)
Vermeulen Efficient and Low Cost Effluent Treatment Using an Ash Disposal Dam- (0.25 MB)
Victoria Genotype-Environment Interaction and its Effect on Sugarcane Rust Incidence- (0.32 MB)
Vlitos Cane Sugar vs Other Sweeteners- (0.16 MB)
Wood Loss of Nitrogen from Urea Applied to Sugarcane Trash in North Queensland- (0.35 MB)
Wood Sugarcane Nutrition and Fertilizer Use in South Africa- (0.45 MB)
Wright Entrainment Separation Devices for Raw Sugar Factories- (0.29 MB)
Wu Evaluation of Sugarcane Crosses by Family Yields- (0.31 MB)