Proceedings - 1983

Abreu A New Constructive Technological Scheme for Sugar Cane Harvesters - (0.86 MB)
Almeida Trapping Experiments to Assess the Efficacy of Synthetic Pheromone of the Sugar Cane - (0.44 MB)
Ashkienasi Carboxymethylcellulose Production from Bagasse Paper and Dissolving Pulps - (0.38 MB)
Atchison Bagasse Newsprint - Has it Arrived - Past History, Present Status, and Future Possi - (1.35 MB)
Betancourt del Monte Sugar and Climate - (0.65 MB)
Blume Environment and Cane Sugar Yield - (0.56 MB)
Botelho Control of Diatraea Saccharalis with Apanteles Flavipes - (0.36 MB)
Carmenate An Investigation of the Washing-Displacement Process of the Sugar Cane undere the - (0.37 MB)
Carnegie Investigations for the Control of the Borer Eldana Saccharina Walker - (0.52 MB)
Carver An Analysis of Three Methods for Calculations of Boiling Systems - (0.52 MB)
Casanovas Influence of Potassium upon Mineral and Aconitic Acid Contents of Sugar Cane Juice - (0.32 MB)
Chen Isolation of Protoplasts from Cell Culture and Subsequent Callus Regeneration in Sugar - (0.78 MB)
Chen Studies on the Host Range of Sugar Cane White Leaf Disease - (0.26 MB)
Chen Utilization of Miscanthus Germplasm in Sugar Cane Breeding in Taiwan - (0.73 MB)
Cheng Studies on the Foam Causing Substances in Raw Cane Sugar - (0.47 MB)
Chinea Performance of Saccharum Genus Original types and Saccharum Related Genera Existing i - (0.68 MB)
Constitution of the ISSCT, Article 1 - (0.50 MB)
Consuegra Present Practice and Future Perspectives for Vacuum Pan Control - (0.45 MB)
Cremata Polysaccharides as Sucrose Crystalline Habit Modifiers Part 1. Influence in Crystal - (0.53 MB)
Cullen A Review of Research into the Pelleting, Baling, and Storage of Bagasse in Australia - (0.49 MB)
David Some Aspects of the Biology of the Internode Borer - (0.36 MB)
de Armas Production Systems in Boiling House - A Methodology for Design and Management - (0.68 MB)
de Beer Mechanical Green Cane Harvesting - (0.73 MB)
des Vignes Diatraea Life Table Studies on Sugar Cane in Trinidad - (0.20 MB)
Dominguez Possibilities for the USe of a Bacterial Amylase in the Cane Sugar Industry - (0.33 MB)
El-Kader Comparative Study on Various Constituents of Sugar Cane Juice Affecting Settling in - (0.46 MB)
El-Kader Influence of Clarification on Sugar Cane Juices by the Sulphitation and Phosphatati - (0.49 MB)
Farrage Studies on Sugar Cane Mosaic Virus 1. Strains of Sugar Cane Mosaic Virus in Egypt - (0.38 MB)
Fauconnier Standard of Living and Degree of Mechanization of Sugar Cane Harvesting - (0.75 MB)
Fayadomi An Evaluation of Several Herbicide Combinations for Weed Control in Sugar Cane - (0.43 MB)
Friedman Computer Aided Design for High Energy Efficience Evaporator Stations - (0.57 MB)
Fuelling Cane Quality Standards for Chopper Harvested Cane - (0.21 MB)
Galvez A Study of the Repeatibility of the Stability Parameter for Yield and Quality of Suga - (0.27 MB)
Galvez Address by General Chairman of XVII ISSCT Congress - (0.12 MB)
Gandana A Simplified Periodical Reporting System for the Indonesian sugar Factories - (0.27 MB)
Garcia Energy Production from Sugar and By-Products Industries Watewaters - (0.40 MB)
General Secretary-Treasurer's Report - (0.27 MB)
Gill Nature of Divergence among Foreign Varieties of Sugar Cane - (0.29 MB)
Gomez Consideration of the Production of SCP as Human Food - (0.36 MB)
Gonzalez Multiple Effect Evaporator Performance Analysis for Design and Operation - (0.74 MB)
Gonzalez-Eguiluz Technical-Economic Assessment of the Cleaning Station of the Agro-Industria - (0.68 MB)
Gutierrez Bagasse Biological Degradation Using the Fungus Sporotrichum Pulverulentum - (0.43 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings of the XVIII Congress Vol 3 - (0.02 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings of the XVIII Congress - (0.14 MB)
James The Effects of Pre-Plant Seedcane Treatment with the Fungicide Acylalanine - (0.48 MB)
Jenkins Measurement of Milling Torque - (0.51 MB)
Julien The Effects of Environment and Time of Harvest at Early Stages of Selection in Sugar - (0.58 MB)
Julienne A Laboratory Evaluation of Three Methods for the Clarification of B-Molasses - (0.65 MB)
Kee Kwong Value of Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS) in the Foliar Diag - (0.34 MB)
Keenliside A Comparison of Air Pre-Heaters and Bagasse Drying Systems for Energy Efficiency - (0.41 MB)
Keenliside An Economic Analysis of Cane Energy Production - (0.07 MB)
Kolobaev Breeding Sugar CAne Varieties Resistant to Multiple Disease and Insects Pests in Cu - (0.34 MB)
Kolobaev Evaluation of the Reaction to Eye Spot in Sugar Cane Varieties and their Parents - (0.28 MB)
Kuntohartono Effects of Nutsedge Competition on the Growth and Yield of Sugar Cane in Java - (0.51 MB)
Lai Application of Cultural Broth as Alpha-Amylase Preeparation for Starch Removal in Sugar - (0.27 MB)
Levy Suspension Fired Boilers and their Grates - (0.68 MB)
Leyva Effect of Weeds in sugar Cane Plantations in the Western Zone of Cuba - (0.31 MB)
Liu A Pilot Plant Test of L-Lysine Fermentation with Cane Molasses - (0.67 MB)
Lois Experimental Evaluation of Bagasse Storage in Bale Systems - (0.51 MB)
Lopes Effects of Borer-Rot Complex in the Alcoholic Fermentation of Sugar Cane Juice - (0.32 MB)
Lopez Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Diatraea Saccharalis Incidence on Sugar Cane - (0.27 MB)
Lopez System for the Separation of Soot from Natural Draft Boilers - (0.87 MB)
Lopez-Calleja Determination and Comparison of Some Rehability Indexes of Sugar Equipment in - (0.51 MB)
Loughran Application of a Neutron Activation Method for Routine Determination of Dirt Conten - (0.36 MB)
Mann Effect of Growth Regulators and Low Temperature on the Fatty Acids Composition of Sugar - (0.33 MB)
Mansour Effect of Eco-Biological Factors on Sugar Cane Production in Iraq - (0.93 MB)
Mansour Studies on Certain Fungi and Actinomycetes Associated with the Rhizosphere of Sugar - (0.52 MB)
Maribona Obtention of Sugar Cane Plants by Tissue Culture from Different Plant Organs - (1.28 MB)
Mason An Investigation into Tramp Iron Detection and Separation - (0.63 MB)
Maudarbocus Cooling Policies for Batch Crystallizers - (0.47 MB)
McIntyre Use of Roudup (Glyphosate) for the Control of Problem Weeds in Sugar Cane Fields - (0.16 MB)
McWhinney A Review of Cane Transport Techniques - (0.37 MB)
Mellowes Clarifier Mud-Possible Source of Acetic Acid - (0.33 MB)
Milhollon Johnsongrass Control in sugar Cane with Asulam Used Alone or with Dalapon or Terba - (0.49 MB)
Miller The Status of the World Collection of Sugar Cane and Related Grasses in the USA - (0.23 MB)
Moberly Some Post Harvest Management Practicies on Ratoon Cane in the Rain-Fed Areas on the - (0.74 MB)
Molina Research Experiences in Papermaking from Sugar Cane Bagasse - (0.63 MB)
Montenegro Non-Sugars and their Influence Upon the Sucrose Crystal Habit - (0.59 MB)
Moreno Evaporations Station Control by Microcomputers - (0.44 MB)
Nagatomi Classifications for Sugar Cane Wild Germplasm by Methods of Numerical Taxonomy - (0.47 MB)
Naidu Varietal Stability in Sugar Cane Under Conditions of Drought - (0.43 MB)
Naidu Varietal Variation in Stomatal Conductance and Diffusion Resistance During Moisture St - (0.37 MB)
Nakasone Polysaccharides in Diffusion Juice from Non-Limed and Limed Cane - (0.33 MB)
Ness On the Measurement of MAssecuite Flow Properties - (0.43 MB)
Nodarse Determination of Microbial Losses at the Tandem by Means of Spontaneous Fermentation - (0.61 MB)
Nunez A Study on the Production of Biogas from Filter Press Mud - (0.30 MB)
Officers - (0.03 MB)
Opening Session - (0.23 MB)
Pacheco A Study of the Sugar Cane Evapotranspiration in Cuba - (0.35 MB)
Pan Control of Ceratovacuna Lanigera with Ultralow Volume Aerial Application of Insecticides - (0.28 MB)
Pavan A Granulosos Virus of Diatraea Saccharalis 1. Pathogenicity, Replication and Ultrastru - (0.38 MB)
PerezUstilago Scitaminea Sydow in Cuba - Biology, Physiology and Varietal reaction - (1.47 MB)
Piinna Yield Estimation of Sugar Cane from Evapotranspiration Data - (0.49 MB)
Popov Characterization of Some Factors of Sugar Cane Resistance to Diatraea Saccharalis - (0.29 MB)
Prasad Success Rates of Sub-Cloning bt Tissue Culture in Selected Hybrid Varieties of Sugar - (0.45 MB)
Prasad The New Varietal Selection Programme Procedure Used in the Fiji Sugar Industry - (0.37 MB)
Preface - (0.03 MB)
Proceedings of the XVIII Congress - (0.05 MB)
Program - (0.05 MB)
Purchase Attritor-Milling as a Pre-Treatment for Bagasse Prior to Enzymatic Hydrolysis - (0.47 MB)
Ramaiah Use of Surface Active Substances in Imbibition Water to Reduce Pol and Moisture of B - (0.27 MB)
Rao Production of Methane Gas from Stillage on Commercial Scale in India - (0.48 MB)
References - (0.22 MB)
Report of the Standing Committee on Germplasm and Breeding - (0.19 MB)
Ricaud Integrated Control of Yellow Spot Disease of Sugar Cane - (0.50 MB)
Rivacoba Some Aspects of Material Balance Calculations in Raw Sugar Boiling - (0.32 MB)
Rivera Epidemiology of Leaf Scald and Gumming Disease of Sugar Cane in Cuba and Biology of - (0.52 MB)
Roberts The Analysis of Dextran in Sugar Production - (0.47 MB)
Rodella Effects of Vinass Added to Soil on pH and Exchangeable Aluminium Content - (0.46 MB)
Rodrigues Intergraded Control of Production Applied to Sugar Cane - The COPI System - (0.40 MB)
Ruiz Peroxidase Isoenzymes Analysis - A Massive Method for the Identification of Sugar Cane - (0.34 MB)
Salermo Indices and Methods for an Evaluation of the Performance of KTP-1 Combined Harvester - (0.38 MB)
Sandoval Puccinia Melanocephala H. and P Syd- Biological and Ecological Aspects - (0.46 MB)
Scandaliaris Comparative Evaluation of Harvesting Systems in Sugar Cane - (0.59 MB)
Schaer Latest Developments in Cane Sugar Machinery and Process Equipment - (0.91 MB)
Shih Using Sugar Cane Yields and Evapotranspiration Relations for Water Management - (0.48 MB)
Shimabuku Recycling and Decrease of Dry Matter of Leaves in Yellowing Process of Green Leave - (0.22 MB)
Singh Effect of Auxin, Anto-Auxin and Metabolic Inhibitor on the Flowering of EArly and Lanf - (0.35 MB)
Singh Screening of Sugar Cane Varietal Crosses for Resistance to Red Rot - (0.28 MB)
Singh Stability Parameters for Yield and Quality Characters in Sugar Cane - (0.35 MB)
Srinivasan Sugar Recovery in Relation to Age Climate and Crop Indices - (0.37 MB)
Stolf An Impact Penetrator Model to Determine the Deep Tillage in Sugar Cane Areas - (0.25 MB)
Subject List Vol 3 - (0.09 MB)
Subject List - (0.10 MB)
Sugar Cane Disease and Their World Distribution - (1.70 MB)
Tao-tze The Preliminary Study of Free Amino Acids in Green Tops of Sugar Cane - (0.41 MB)
The Influence of Auxiliary Fuels - (0.24 MB)
Thomas Selection in Potted Seedlings - Its Possible Use and Benefits - (0.29 MB)
Thompson The Introduction of Pest and Disease Control Regulations into the South African Sug - (0.48 MB)
Valdes Methodology for Determination of the Optimum Mixed Juice Heater - (0.51 MB)
Valses Variations in Colloids, Sugar Yield Indicators amd other Carbohydrates in Ripening an - (0.29 MB)
Vazquez Irrigation Scheduling Model in Sugar Cane Crop in Peru - (0.39 MB)
Vega Repeatibility Estimates for Some Sugar Cane Characteristics in Plant and 1st Ratoon Cro - (0.27 MB)
Viart An Emulsifying Agent Suitable for Elaboration of Sugar Cane Wax Emulsions for Vegetabl - (0.26 MB)
Viqueira Effect of Water Deficiency on Two Sugar Cane Varieties - (0.55 MB)
Wang Evaluation of Sugar Cane Varieties for Resistance to Brown Spot - (0.31 MB)
Wittwer Retention Time Distribution and Sucrose Hydrolysis as Criteria for the Optimisation - (0.64 MB)
Wright The Performance of Tubular and Direct Contact Juice Heaters - (0.46 MB)
Yang Bi-Level Tile Drainage System for the Reclamation of Salt-Affected Soils - (0.42 MB)
Yates The Influence of Pre-Harvest Temperature and Rainfall on Cane Quality - (0.87 MB)