Proceedings - 1968

Alexander Effects of Combined Siland Gibberellic A - (0.54 MB)
Alexander In Vitro Effects of Silon Hydrolytic and - (0.06 MB)
Alexander Isolation and Purification of Amalase from Su - (0.40 MB)
Alexander The Potential of Sugarcane to Produce sucrose - (1.42 MB)
Ando Occlusion of Filtration Impeding Substances in Sug - (0.25 MB)
Antoine The Two Gumming Disease of Sugarcane - (0.54 MB)
Arceneaux Breeding Sugarcane Varieties for the Northern - (0.68 MB)
Atchison Some Economic Factors Involved in the Utilizat - (0.73 MB)
Atherton The Use of MAterials Balance for Milling Train - (0.35 MB)
Avasthy Distribution and Sampling of Sugarcane Internod - (0.28 MB)
Bartlett Mechanical Infield Loading in South Africa - (1.14 MB)
Baxter Notes on the Introduction of Mechanical Harvesti - (0.54 MB)
Behari Useful Information on Operation, Control and Des - (0.38 MB)
Belcher List of Varieties in the World Reference Collec - (0.44 MB)
Bennett Recent Investigations on the Biological Control - (0.54 MB)
Bjerager Preliminary Investigations on Extraction of Su - (0.74 MB)
Bourke Further Records of Insects Collected From Saccha - (0.39 MB)
Breaux Breeding for Resistance to Sugarcane Mosaic with - (0.29 MB)
Bruniche-Olsen Symposium on Sugar Industry Diversificat - (0.09 MB)
Buchanan Development of an Automatic Sampler and a Syst - (0.70 MB)
Chairman's Closing Remarks - (0.06 MB)
Chang Evapotranspiration and Water Requirement of Sugar - (0.63 MB)
Chang The Difference of Consumption Use of Water Betwee - (1.25 MB)
Chang The Effect of Different Pan Ratio for Controlling - (0.71 MB)
Chapman Develpments in Cane Transport at Victoria Mill - (0.47 MB)
Chen A Study of the Role of Starch in the Growth of Sug - (0.53 MB)
Chen Development and Operation of the Continuous Filtra - (0.36 MB)
Chen Experimental Results with Biological Control of Su - (0.27 MB)
Chen Pressure Filtration for Raw House Cachaza - (0.34 MB)
Chen Surface-Active Chemicals in Low Grade Boilings - (0.30 MB)
Chen The Cicada Mogannia Hebes Walker, A Pest of Ratoon - (0.35 MB)
Cheng Personnel Training and Manpower Development of th - (0.19 MB)
Cheong Phosphate in the Latosolic Soils and Latosol (1) - (0.41 MB)
Cheong Phosphate in the Latosolic Soils and Latosols of - (0.28 MB)
Chinloy Rotation of Pangola Grass and Sugarcane on a Ja - (0.41 MB)
Chu Ratoon Stunting Disease Control in Taiwan - (0.25 MB)
Chu Studies on Downy Mildew Disease of Sugarcane in Tai - (0.55 MB)
Clayton By-Products of Sugarcane - (0.03 MB)
Cleasby A Review of Industrial and Agricultural Diversi - (0.98 MB)
Clements The Numbering of Leaves and Internodes for Sug - (0.78 MB)
Cochran Basic Studies on Mechanical Detrashing of Bulk - (0.49 MB)
Coleman Evaluation of Bunch Plantings of Sugarcane Seed - (0.37 MB)
Coleman Physiology of Flowering in Sugarcane - (0.53 MB)
Coleman Sugarcane Tissue as a Source of Phytotoxins - (0.65 MB)
Cullen Mill Roller Shaft Failures and Investigations - (0.40 MB)
Daniels An Insectary Method for Testing Sugarcane Varie - (0.34 MB)
Davidson Changes in Fiber and Sucrose in C.P 44 101, 19 - (0.25 MB)
Davidson Correlation of Rind Hardness and Fiber in Suga - (0.26 MB)
Davies Fertilization of Sugarcane - (0.91 MB)
Davis Diversification Within the Australian Sugar Indus - (0.25 MB)
Davis Symposium on sugar Industry Diversification - (0.09 MB)
de Carvalho Heterokaryosis - (0.69 MB)
de Saint Antoine Measures Adopted in Mauritius to Impro - (0.86 MB)
Deacon Experiences in the Use and Development of Planta - (0.95 MB)
Delavier Distribution of Non-Sucrose in Sucrose Crystal - (0.41 MB)
Delegates to the Thirteenth Congress of the ISSCT - (1.90 MB)
du Toit The Basis of a Fertilizer Advisory Service - (0.45 MB)
Duffey Bagasse as a Raw Material for Furfural - (0.04 MB)
Dunckelman Evaluation of Germ Plasm in the USDA Sugarca - (0.25 MB)
Egan Evaluation of the Aluminium Cap Method for Leaf Sc - (0.26 MB)
Egan Post Harvest Deterioration Losses in sugar Cane in - (0.33 MB)
Erikson Sunsurface Asphalt Barriers for the Improvement - (0.26 MB)
Etienne Two Years Rearing of the Javanese Tachinid, A P - (0.77 MB)
Ewart Sugar Industry Diversification Program in Hawaii - (0.68 MB)
Fanguy A Comparison Between Hand and Machine Cutting of - (0.15 MB)
Feund A Theoretical Approach to Cane Diffusion - (0.46 MB)
Fleming Aspects of the Chemistry of the Browning Fracti - (0.92 MB)
Flores Training of Personnel in Mexico for the Sugar In - (0.16 MB)
Fogliata Effects of Trash Burning on the Temperature an - (0.65 MB)
Foster Cane Preparation in Relation to Milling and Diff - (0.44 MB)
Garza Aspects of Climate on Sugarcane - (0.24 MB)
Gaunt Notes on the Mechanization of the Sugarcane Harve - (0.40 MB)
Gill On Raising Sugarcane and Sugar Beet as Intercrops - (0.31 MB)
Gloria Limiting Factors in the Manufacture of Pulp and - (0.12 MB)
Gosnell Some Effects of Increasing Age on Sugarcane Gro - (0.83 MB)
Graham Preliminary Physiochemical Studies on Sugarcane - (0.54 MB)
Grassl Saccharum Names and Their Interpretation - (0.47 MB)
Gupta Utilization of By-Products and Wastes From Sugar - (0.46 MB)
Halais Silicon, Calcium and Manganese Contents of Leaf - (0.35 MB)
Hanumantha On Sugarcane Leaf Sampling for Foliar Diagno - (0.32 MB)
Hebert Milling Quality of Sugarcane Varieties in Louisi - (0.32 MB)
Hidi Aspects of the Colloid Cheomistry of Cane Juice Cl - (0.39 MB)
Hitchcock Funnel Ant Control in Queensland Cane Fields - (0.40 MB)
Hitchcock Progress of Earth Pearl Studies in Queensland - (0.34 MB)
Hoareau Effects on Cane of Heat Treatment for Control o - (0.61 MB)
Hogarth The Genetic Basis for Starch Content in Sugarca - (0.30 MB)
Hrisji The Use of Chemical Mutagens in Sugarcane - (0.55 MB)
Hsia Studies on Poor Ratooning of Cane in Taiwan - (0.59 MB)
Hsieh Behaviour of the Browning Matter Isolated from Ca - (0.49 MB)
Hsu Farm Machinery Operation in the Taiwan Sugar Indust - (0.22 MB)
Hu Developments in automation of Cane Sugar Factories - (0.49 MB)
Hu The Nematode Investigation in Sugarcane Fields of Ta - (0.34 MB)
Hudson Available Soil Water and Sugarcane Growth and Tr - (0.96 MB)
Hughes Factory Automation Symposium - (0.05 MB)
Hughes Increasing Yields by Disease and Pest Control - (0.33 MB)
Humbert Tassel Control Progress with Reglone in the Mex - (0.34 MB)
Husain The Sterile-Male Technique as a Possible Method - (0.28 MB)
Hutchinson A Note on Disease Resistance Ratings for Sug - (0.13 MB)
Irvine Effects of an Early Freeze on Louisiana Sugarcan - (0.16 MB)
Isobe Water Utilization II - Yield Water Relationship - (0.30 MB)
ISSCT 13th Congress Programme - (0.31 MB)
ISSCT Author Index - (0.62 MB)
Issct Membership List - Regional Divisions - (0.76 MB)
ISSCT Membership List - (0.67 MB)
ISSCT Officers and Committees - (0.09 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings XIII Congress Taiwan 2 - (0.07 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings XIII Congress Taiwan 3 - (0.03 MB)
ISSCT Programme for Sectional Meeting - (0.67 MB)
Jagathesan Cytogenical Studies inNarenga Porphyrocoma. - (0.31 MB)
James Graduated Delay of Flowering in Sugarcane with 11 - (0.42 MB)
Jenkins Training of Technical Personnel for the Sugar I - (0.36 MB)
Juang A Study on Flowering Behaviour of Sugarcane in Di - (0.39 MB)
Juang Clay Mineralogical Studies of Taiwan Sugarcane So - (0.56 MB)
Juang Comparative Studies on the Soil Testing Method fo - (0.22 MB)
Julien The Role of Leaves in the Perception and Inhibit - (0.33 MB)
Kamoda On the Formation of Needle-Shaped Sugar Crystals - (0.90 MB)
Kan-chih Taiwan and its Sugar Industry - (0.61 MB)
Khan Earthing-Up as a Measure of Control against Early - (0.19 MB)
Ku The Sugar Curriculum at the National Taiwan Universi - (0.25 MB)
Kuo Production of the Sexual Stage of Ceratocystis Para - (0.40 MB)
Kwoh-ting Official welcome - (0.21 MB)
Lakshmikantham Breeding Behaviour of Certain Agronomic - (0.03 MB)
Lalouette Breeding of Sugarcane Varieties in Mauritius - (0.27 MB)
Langreney The Bagapan Particle Board - (0.41 MB)
Lee A Study of the Filterability of Raw Sugar in the Re - (0.41 MB)
Lee Photoperiodic Induction of Flowering in Sugarcane - (0.34 MB)
Lim Key Note Speech - Brain Functions - (0.40 MB)
Liu Effect of Oxygen Absorption Velocity on the Growth - (0.31 MB)
Liu Occurrence of Physiologic Races of Helminthosporium - (0.24 MB)
Liu The Effect of Temperature on Various Aspects of the - (0.30 MB)
Lo Collecting Wild Cane in Taiwan - (0.59 MB)
Loh Crop Sequence - (0.25 MB)
Loh Sugarcane Breeding - Retrospect and Prospect - (1.14 MB)
Loh Sugarcane Breeding in Taiwan - (0.05 MB)
Loupe Success is a Cooperative Effort - (0.25 MB)
Lu Automation in Cane Sugar Factory - (0.72 MB)
Lu Heat Balance Determination and Heat Utilization in t - (0.63 MB)
Mascaro Education and Progress in the Sugar Industry - (0.19 MB)
Matherne A History of Major Louisiana Sugarcane Varieti - (0.37 MB)
Mathes Components of Aggregate Crop Loss Caused by the - (0.16 MB)
Mathes Entomology Section Opening Announcement - (0.03 MB)
Mathes Sugarcane Characteristics Associated with Resist - (0.05 MB)
Matic Training of Sugar Technologists in South Africa - (0.51 MB)
Matsumoto Studies on Sugarcane White Leaf Disease of Ta - (0.53 MB)
McHale Sugar Industry Diversification in the Philippine - (0.38 MB)
McLean Preliminary Results of Net Assimilation Rate Stu - (0.43 MB)
McWhinney Some Techniques for the Creation of Control S - (0.53 MB)
Meads Raw Sugar Quality Problems in the Hawaiian Sugar - (0.70 MB)
Mehrad Effect of Soil Salinity on Sugarcane Cultivation - (0.50 MB)
Menon I.I.S.R Tractor-Drawn Sugarcane Planter - (0.55 MB)
Message From His Excellency Mr Fernando Lopez, Vice Pre - (0.02 MB)
Message from His Excellency, Mr Ferdinand E. Marcos, Pr - (0.03 MB)
Message From Mr C. R. Florcruz General Vice-Chairman IS - (0.05 MB)
Message of the Chairman of the Engineering Section to t - (0.05 MB)
Moberly An Evaluation of Substituted Uracil Compounds f - (0.74 MB)
Mongelard The Effect of Different Water Regimes on the - (0.45 MB)
Mori Dynamic Characteristics of Vacuum Pan and Control - (0.73 MB)
Moritsugu Investigation of Continuous Crystallizers for - (0.30 MB)
Munday Colour in Raw Sugar Manufacture - (0.40 MB)
Murry A Study of the Transport of Cane by Light Guage R - (0.63 MB)
Nee Feasibility Study on Furfural and Structural Board - (0.42 MB)
Next Meeting Place - Election of the host Country for t - (0.10 MB)
Nickell Water Utilization I - Basic Plant-Water Studies - (0.48 MB)
Norum The Use of High Capacity Sprinklers for the Irrig - (1.16 MB)
Nothdurft Automatic Measurement and Adjustment of Phosp - (0.29 MB)
Officers of the ISSCT and Congress - (0.12 MB)
Official Parties - (0.05 MB)
Onna Continuous Preparation of Suspensoid-Free Samples - (0.42 MB)
Osada Varietal Resistance Trials to Eye Spot Disease - (0.17 MB)
Pan The Nature of Injury to Sugarcane Ratoon Coused by - (0.35 MB)
Panje A Further Assessment of Nursery Raising and Trans - (0.26 MB)
Panje Relationship of Medium Low Atmospheric Temperatur - (0.38 MB)
Panje Studies on the Germination of Sugarcane - 4 on th - (0.05 MB)
Panje Studies on the Prevention of Flowering in Sugarca - (0.42 MB)
Panol Harvesting, Loading and Transport Systems of Suga - (0.59 MB)
Payne Cane Diffusion - The Displacement Process in Prin - (1.04 MB)
Payne Recommendation of the Committee Nominated by the - (0.03 MB)
Peng Regional Evaluations of New Chemical Herbicides in - (0.52 MB)
Perdomo Studies on Sugarcane Mosaic in Louisiana - (0.18 MB)
Petersen Technology and Cost of Handling Sugarcane from - (0.45 MB)
Post Congress Tour - Philppines - (0.05 MB)
Pradhan Integrated Control Schedule Against Sugarcane P - (0.53 MB)
Praksam Studies on Yellow Spot Disease of Sugarcane - (0.30 MB)
Price A Consideration of Chopper and Wholestalk Mechani - (0.49 MB)
Price Chromosome Number in Miscellaneous Clones of Sacc - (0.27 MB)
Prince The Fundamental Basis of Costing Road Transport - (0.12 MB)
Program - Factory Processing - (0.22 MB)
Programme for Sectional Meetings - (0.47 MB)
Quintero The Capability of Present Day Control Systems - (1.15 MB)
Raha Filtration Characteristics of Carbonation Cane Jui - (0.32 MB)
Ramaiah Kinetic Studies on Caramelisation of Reducing S - (0.53 MB)
Ramaiah Studies on the Colour Problem of Plantation Whi - (0.46 MB)
Ramos The Simultaneous Production of Furfural and Levul - (0.50 MB)
Rao Breeding to Develop Improved Varieties - (0.36 MB)
Rao Saccharum X Bambusa Hybridisation. Studies on the D - (0.59 MB)
Rao Studies on the Prevention of Flowering inSugarcane - (0.43 MB)
Report of Constitution Committee - (0.03 MB)
Report of Resolution Committee - (0.19 MB)
Report of Special Committee on Variety Yield Decline - (0.20 MB)
Report of the General Secretary and Treasurer - (0.13 MB)
Report of the Standing Committee on Germplasm and Breed - (0.14 MB)
Report of the Standing Committee on Sugarcane Diseases - (1.06 MB)
Reynolds Water Utilization III - Sugarcane Irrigation i - (0.78 MB)
Ricaud investigations on the Systemic Infection of Gum - (0.52 MB)
Roach Cytological Studies in Saccharum. Chromosome Tran - (1.24 MB)
Roach Quantitative Effects of Hybridisation in Saccharu - (0.77 MB)
Rosoler Speech by the Philippine Delegates - (0.08 MB)
Ruiz Statistical Estimation of Sugar Losses Due to Bore - (0.15 MB)
Ruy Vacuum Pan Automation - (0.48 MB)
Samuels Influence of Variable Manganese and Silon - (0.62 MB)
Samuels Variations in analysis of Sugarcane Leaves by D - (0.21 MB)
Sang An Evaluation of Analytical Error on Pol Recovery - (0.08 MB)
Sankaranarayanan Germ Plasm Evaluation in sugarcane For - (0.37 MB)
Seip Training Sugar Industry Personnel in Louisiana - (0.36 MB)
Shang A Study of the Transmission of Some Important Cha - (0.31 MB)
Shaw Impact of Weed Control on Sugarcane Production - (0.65 MB)
Singh Efficacy of Fungicides Against Puccinia Erianthi - (0.22 MB)
Singh Red Rot Infection and its Development in Young Su - (0.45 MB)
Sloane Future Developments in Factory Automation - (0.75 MB)
Sloane Progress Report on the Continuous Determination - (0.35 MB)
Spoelstra Juice Extraction in the Last Mill - (0.16 MB)
Srinivasan The Role of the Rhizosphere Microflora in th - (0.64 MB)
Srivastava The Effect of Some Soil Sterilants on the Ni - (0.32 MB)
Staker An Analytical Method for Oligosaccharides in Sug - (0.40 MB)
Stamper The Comparative Efficiency of New Chemicals Use - (0.12 MB)
Stamper The Use of Chemical Herbicides in Louisiana Sug - (0.16 MB)
Steib Control of Sugarcane Mosaic in Louisiana by a New - (0.41 MB)
Stewart The Determination of Fibre in New Varieties of - (0.32 MB)
Su Amino Acid Composition of Various Yeasts Prepared Fr - (0.38 MB)
Sund The Influence of Cold Weather on the Cultivation a - (0.32 MB)
Sund Weed Control Studies in Hawaii and Iran - (0.62 MB)
Takara Important Insect Pests Affecting Sugarcane and - (0.36 MB)
Tang Studies on Nine Condecutive Sugarcane Ratoons and - (0.29 MB)
Toft Development of Some Types of Wholestalk Mechanical - (0.34 MB)
Tseng Statistical Formula for Predicting the Filterabil - (0.18 MB)
Tu Applications of Infra-Red Spectroscopy to Sugar Rese - (0.63 MB)
Tu Filterability of Hawaiian Commercial Sugars - (0.34 MB)
Tu Spectral Properties of Commercial Sugars - (0.25 MB)
Tu The Occurrence of Oligosaccharides in Cane Products - (0.28 MB)
VI Plenary Session - (0.02 MB)
Vignes The Determination of Phosphates in Clarified Jui - (0.16 MB)
Wang Proposed Criteria and a System of Nomenclature for - (0.38 MB)
Wang Sugarcane Growth as Affected by Soil Organic Compo - (0.05 MB)
Warner Yield Decline of H 37-1933 in Hawaii - (0.28 MB)
Webre An Absolute Criterion of Millwork - (0.21 MB)
Wilson BHC (Benzene Hexachloride) Formulations - (0.20 MB)
Wilson Cicadas as Pests of Sugarcane in Queensland - (0.33 MB)
Wilson Education and Sugar Industry Progress Training a - (0.39 MB)
Wilson Increasing Sugarcane Yields - Cultural Practices - (0.41 MB)
Winchester Sugarcane Nematode Control in Florida - (0.26 MB)
Winchester Sugarcane Nematodes in the Wild - (0.36 MB)
Wright A Digital Simulation of the Vacuum Pan Crystalli - (0.57 MB)
Wu A Brief Review of Recent Diffuser Development - (0.19 MB)
Wu Sugar Industry Diversification in Taiwan - (0.34 MB)
Wu Utilization of Sugarcane Bagasse for Manufacture of - (0.42 MB)
Yamane The Detrimental Effects of Impurities Occluded i - (0.24 MB)
Yamasaki On the Diagnosis of Mosaic-Diseased Sugarcane - (0.18 MB)
Yeh Comparison of the Effect of Compost, Solid and Liqu - (0.28 MB)
Yeh Effect of Hog Manure Composts on Microbial Activiti - (0.06 MB)
Yuan Opening Speech - ISSCT 13th Congress - (0.35 MB)
Zachariassen Yeast as a By-Product in Alcohol Distiller - (0.13 MB)
Ziegler Control Systems for Sugar Vacuum Pans - (0.73 MB)
Zummo Vector-Virus Relationship of Sugarcane Virus - IV - (0.38 MB)