Proceedings - 1953

Abbott Tolerance to Dilution and Heat of Six Strains of - (0.22 MB)
Alexander Seven Years' Experience with Sugarcane - Pineapple Rotations - (0.18 MB)
Alvarez Sugarcane Diseases in Paraguay - (0.33 MB)
Arceneaux Some Neglected Aspects of Experimental Proced - (0.70 MB)
Aughtry The Ferilization of Certain Irrigated Soil Type - (0.56 MB)
Axtell Effect of Wax Removal on Claribility of Cane Jui - (0.48 MB)
Baker Sugarcane Diseases in the Caribbean - (0.50 MB)
Bangdiwala Correlation Between Stalk and Joint Infestat - (0.43 MB)
Baver Factors Affecting Sugar Yields in Hawaii - (0.27 MB)
Baver Irrigating Sugarcane in Hawaii - (0.33 MB)
Baver Sugarcane By-Products Research in Hawaii - (0.30 MB)
Bedsole Some Relations of Chemical Analyses of Soil and - (1.22 MB)
Bonnet Potassium Content of Puerto Rico Soils Related to Sugarcane - (0.41 MB)
Bonnet Soil Salinity Studies as Related to Sugarcane Growing in South Western Puerto Rico - (0.46 MB)
Bonnet Sugarcane Absorbs Phosphorous from Tagged Superphosphate Added to a Phosphorus Fixing - (0.36 MB)
Bosworth Measurement of Pan Circulation - (0.72 MB)
Bourne Studies on Sugarcane red Rot in the Florida Ever - (0.61 MB)
Box A Preliminary List of the Insects Affecting Sugarca - (0.27 MB)
Box The Insects Affecting Sugarcane in Venezuela - (0.41 MB)
Brett A Note on Stimulation of Rooting in Detached Suga - (0.10 MB)
Brett Temperature and Ovule Fertility of Sugarcane in N - (0.18 MB)
Buenaventura Sugarcane Soils of the Cauca Valley, Colombia - (0.33 MB)
Burr Basic Problems of Sugarcane Nutrition -I Absorptio - (0.36 MB)
Buzacott Cane Collecting in New Guinea in 1951 - (0.95 MB)
Buzacott The Parental Performance of Some Sugarcane Var - (0.39 MB)
Chadwick The Conversion of Molasses into Lactic Acid by - (0.67 MB)
Chen Genetical Analysis of Morphological Characters of - (0.95 MB)
Chinloy Sampling of Sugarcane for Maturity Testing - (0.37 MB)
Chung Wang Taiwan Sugarcane Soils and Ferilizers - (0.38 MB)
Clayton Some Features of Milling in Queensland - (0.50 MB)
Clements Crop Logging of Sugarcane - Principles and Practices - (1.03 MB)
Coleman Respiration Losses in Harvested Cane - (0.39 MB)
Davidson Comparative Effects of Selected Fertilizer Treatments on Yields of Different Variet - (0.37 MB)
Davison Sugarcane Wax Part IV - Some Observations on th - (0.43 MB)
de Sornay Use of Calculator for Rapidly Recording Plot - (0.11 MB)
De Sornay Use of Calculator for Rapidly Recording Plot Yields - (0.23 MB)
Domangue Practical Aspects of Extensive Weed Control in Louisiana Sugarcane - (0.18 MB)
Douwes-Dekker Judging Boiling House Work - (0.66 MB)
Dunckelman Some Techniques Used in the Sugarcane Breedi - (0.25 MB)
Dunckelman Some Techniques Used in the Sugarcane Breeding Program at Baton Rouge Louisiana - (0.25 MB)
DuToit Sugarcane Nutrition in South Africa - (0.30 MB)
Dutt On Certain Recent Aspects of the Breeding Programm - (0.48 MB)
First and Second Plenary Sessions of the Eigth Congress - (1.73 MB)
Gard The Aims of the Sugarcane Breeding Programme at Ma - (0.39 MB)
Gomez Alvarez Influence of Ground Water on the Composition of Sugarcane - (0.22 MB)
Grassl A Plea for Carefulness in Naming of Sugarcane Se - (0.49 MB)
Grassl Sugarcane Breeding Techniques Practiced at Canal - (0.59 MB)
Hargreaves The Irrigation of Sugarcane as Practiced in - (0.28 MB)
Herbert Results of tests conducted over a number of years - (0.47 MB)
Hes Sembur, Leaf Spot Disease of Sugarcane - (0.17 MB)
Honig The Lipids in Cane Sugar Maunfacture - (0.45 MB)
Hughes Red Rot Disease of Sugarcane - (0.94 MB)
Humbert Basic Problems of Sugarcane Nutririon II. Applying Basic Facts in Sugarcane Fertiliz - (0.41 MB)
Hutchinson Leaf Scald in British Guiana - (0.43 MB)
Hutchinson Preliminary Note on a Bacterium Suppressing - (0.10 MB)
Innes An Introduction to the Sugarcane Agriculture of J - (1.70 MB)
Innes The Inorganic Fertilizer Practicies of the Principal British Carribean Sugar Producing - (0.82 MB)
Inniss The Methods and Policy Used in Sugarcane Breedin - (0.80 MB)
ISSCT 8th Congress Programme - (0.51 MB)
ISSCT Membership List - (4.27 MB)
Keller Cleaning of Heat Transfer Equipment in the Louis - (0.27 MB)
King The Relationship Between Varietal Yield Deteriorat - (0.77 MB)
Li Cytological Studies of Sugarcane and ite Relatives - (0.32 MB)
Lines The Oxidation-Reduction Effects of Flood Fallowing Sugarcane Soils in British Guiana - (0.29 MB)
Lo Leaf Scorch Disease of Sugarcane and its Control in - (0.31 MB)
Long A Simplified Routine for Clerget Sucrose Control i - (0.37 MB)
Luke Further Studies on the Control of Heterotermes Car - (0.30 MB)
Luke Soil Groups of the Coastal Plain in the Dominican Republic and Their Response to Sugarc - (0.32 MB)
Lunin The Effect of Soil Type and Fertilization on the - (0.86 MB)
Lunin The Effect of Soil Type and Fertilization on the Growth and Yield of a Ratoon Cane Cro - (0.86 MB)
Martorell Sucrose Content of Sugarcane as Affected by M - (0.74 MB)
Martorell Sucrose Content of Sugarcane as Affected by Moth Borer Infestation - (0.73 MB)
Mathes A Method for Determining Losses Caused by the Su - (0.21 MB)
Mathes Current Status of Sugarcane Insect Investigation - (0.50 MB)
Mathes Current Status of Sugarcane-Insect Investigations in the United States - (0.50 MB)
McCullagh The Continuous Pressure Feeder - (0.22 MB)
Mungomery The Rise and Fall of the Sugarcane Weevil Bor - (0.48 MB)
Muschett Comparative Results of Artificial Fertilizers and Organic Manures - (0.41 MB)
Narasimha Rao Preliminary Weed Control Studies at Coimbatore - (0.80 MB)
Noel Technical Trends in Mauritian Sugar Factories - (0.32 MB)
Orian The Probable Origin of the Gumming Disease of the - (0.84 MB)
Paliatseas Some Observations on the Effect of Temperatu - (0.16 MB)
Paliatseas Some Observations on the Effect of Temperature on the Production of Pollen by Cer - (0.16 MB)
Paliatseas The Production of True seed of Sugarcane in - (0.26 MB)
Parrish The rapid Determination of Calcium and Magnesiu - (0.37 MB)
Parthasarathy Nitrogenous Manuring to Sugarcane in MAdras (India) - (0.61 MB)
Paul The Trace Element Status of Peat Soils in British Guiana - (0.41 MB)
Pearson Irrigation in the Cane Belt of South Africa - (0.05 MB)
Pearson The General Practice and Procedure in the Cane Fields of South Africa - (0.35 MB)
Potes The Sugarcane Entomology of the Cauca Valley of C - (0.12 MB)
Proceedings of the International Society of Sugarcane T - (2.75 MB)
Raghavan Some Cytogenetical Features and Breeding Behav - (0.58 MB)
Ramos Nunez Sugar Cane of the Cauca Valley of Colombia - (0.34 MB)
Reyes Postwar Observations on Sugarcane Diseases in the - (0.22 MB)
Rios The Use of a Sprayer in the Pollination of Sugarca - (0.36 MB)
Robinson A Study of the POtassium and Phosphorous Requirements of Sugarcane on the Coral Lim - (0.62 MB)
Rojas Design of a Sampling for the Estimation of Degree - (0.38 MB)
Rouillard Relation Between Vegetative Index and Weight - (0.18 MB)
Saha White Sugar Without Sulphur - (0.30 MB)
Samuels A Survey of the Agronomic Practices in Growing Sugarcane in Puerto Rico in 1952 - (0.46 MB)
Samuels The Nitrogen Content of Sugarcane as Influenced by Moisture and Age - (0.61 MB)
Samuels The Nitrogen Content of Sugarcane as Influenced - (0.61 MB)
Schmidt The Settling of Defecated Sugar Juices - (0.57 MB)
Schroo The Fertility of Sugarcane Soils with Special Regard to Phosphate - (0.49 MB)
Sexton A Comparison of Several Methods of Determining Soil Available Potash - (0.36 MB)
Shaw An International Glance at Sucrose Content of Cane - (0.41 MB)
Springer An Approach to Evaporator Scale Prevention Pro - (0.57 MB)
Stamper Results with Certain Chemicals for Weed Control - (0.19 MB)
Steindl Schlerospora Disease of Sugarcane - (0.32 MB)
Stevenson The Use of Selfing and Inbreeding with Sugarc - (0.81 MB)
Studies in Saccharum Spontaneum and Allied Grasses - Re - (1.07 MB)
Sun The effect of earthing of sugarcane by hand labour - (0.58 MB)
Thompson A Short Note on Recent Irrigation Studies at Monymusk, Jamaica - (0.40 MB)
Tincknell Observations on Chemical Weed Control in the - (0.59 MB)
Tincknell Observations on Chemical Weed Control in the British West Indies - (0.59 MB)
Trivett Defrothing of Final Molasses - (0.37 MB)
Tucker Biological Control of Insect Pests in Barbados - (0.54 MB)
Vallance The Effect of a Synthetic Soil Conditioner (Krilium) on the Aggregation of Some Que - (0.51 MB)
Venton Pans and Pan Boiling in Queensland - (0.40 MB)
Vijayasaradhy Control of Flowering in Sugarcane - (1.52 MB)
Waddell Effective Fibre Determination in Sugarcane - (0.79 MB)
Waddell Sources of Micro-Organisms Which Cause Deterior - (0.36 MB)
Wahid The Use of Fungicides to Reduce the Occurrence of Red Rot Infection in Stalks of Stand - (0.17 MB)
Wahid The Use of Fungicides to Reduce the Occurrence of - (0.17 MB)
Walter Extraction Process by Bagasse Diffusion - (0.48 MB)
Warner Techniques of Breeding and Testing Sugarcane in - (0.47 MB)
Warner The Philosophy of Sugarcane Breeding in Hawaii - (0.34 MB)
Webre Good Crystal Formation - (0.48 MB)
Wiggins The Sugarcane as a Source of Industrial Chemica - (0.77 MB)
Williams Some Aspects of Sugarcane Entymology in Maurit - (0.26 MB)
Wismer Stem Gall Development on Sugarcane Following Ins - (0.49 MB)
Wolcott The Residual Effectiveness od Insecticides Agai - (0.34 MB)
Yearwood A General Review of the Control Methods in Cla - (0.41 MB)
Yen The Life History of the Causal Organism of Leaf Bli - (0.40 MB)
Yen The Life History of the Causal Organism of Leaf Blight of Sugarcane - (0.40 MB)
Zerban Addendum to the Report of Special Committee on U - (0.35 MB)
Zerban Report of Special Committee on Uniformity in Rep - (0.76 MB)