Proceedings - 1950

Abbott,An appraisal of some sugar cane parent varieties - (0.97 MB)
Abbott,disease testing & initial selection procedure in sugar cane seedling progenies - (0.76 MB)
Arceneaux,Evidence of inheritance of resistance to freeze injury in sugar cane seedlings - (0.69 MB)
Author index - (0.22 MB)
Baber,Feeding habits of perkinsiella saccharicida - (0.25 MB)
Barton,Benzene hexachloride for the control of lepidiota frenchi grubs in cane - (0.23 MB)
Bourne,Physiological effects of soil phosphorus deficiency and excess on sugar cane on low min - (0.63 MB)
Box,Observations on the sugar cane moth borer - (1.08 MB)
Brandes,Changes in seasonal growth gradients in geographically displaced sugar cane - (1.90 MB)
Brett,Flowering and pollen fertility in relation to sugar cane breeding in natal - (0.98 MB)
Buzacott,recent trends in the production of cane seedlings - (0.54 MB)
Bynum,Control of soil insects in louisiana sugar cane fields - (0.66 MB)
Cheng,Genetical analysis of the hybrid obtained in crossing P.O.J. 2725 and miscanthus japonic - (0.81 MB)
Chilton,The use of herbicides in sugar-cane fields for controlling weeds - (0.55 MB)
Contents - (0.05 MB)
Dekker,Some notes on the functioning of the final molasses department of java mills - (0.51 MB)
Dick,Sugar cane entomology in natal,South africa - (1.26 MB)
Dillewijn,Fusarium pokkahboeng - (1.57 MB)
Doss,Evaluation of decolorizing carbons - (0.19 MB)
Duloy,The measurement of pan circulation - (1.75 MB)
Dunster,Wet alcohol injection for internal combustion engines - (0.28 MB)
Dutt,The present cane varietal position in india - (0.68 MB)
Dutt,The present taxonomic position of saccharum and its congeners - (0.58 MB)
Dymond,Clarification problems in natal - (0.42 MB)
Edgerston,Results of recent investigations in louisiana on red rot - (0.46 MB)
Fitzhugh,Top roll action in three roller cane mills - (1.07 MB)
Gard,25 years of sugar cane breeding at macknade - (0.72 MB)
Halais,Foliar diagnosis-A new guide to fertilization of sugar cane - (1.12 MB)
Haydon,Ash removal by electrolysis - (0.23 MB)
Hes,Postwar agricultural problems in the java sugar industry - (0.26 MB)
Hes,The deterioration of harvested sugar cane under constant conditions - (0.25 MB)
Honig,The scaling of evaporators in raw sugar mills - (1.27 MB)
Honig529 evaportatr scaling - (1.31 MB)
Hughes,The control of cane diseases in queensland - (0.68 MB)
Ingram,Biological control of the sugar cane borer in continental united states - (0.41 MB)
Ingram,Insect pests of sugar cane in continental united states - (0.48 MB)
Ingram,Insecticidal control of the sugar cane borer in louisiana - (0.85 MB)
Jex,Recent developments of mechanization in south africa - (0.28 MB)
Jones,The early detection of hurricanes - (0.93 MB)
king,Varietal deterioration in queensland - (0.41 MB)
Lee,Studies of the photoperiodic effect on sugar cane - (0.68 MB)
Lemann,The bulk handling of raw sugar by motor trucks - (0.33 MB)
Lewis,The irrigation of sugar cane in natal and zululand - (0.72 MB)
Li,Cytological studies of sugar cane and its relatives - (0.46 MB)
Ling,A preliminary study on the perfect stage of the casual organism of red rot of sugar can - (0.84 MB)
Lo,Areport on sugar cane diseases in taiwan - (0.33 MB)
Loh,Notes on sugar cane nobilization methods - (0.80 MB)
Loh,The generic cross of saccharum-miscanthus - (0.70 MB)
Martin,Sugar cane diseases and their world distribution - (0.93 MB)
Mathes,The use of resistant varieties of sugar cane in the control of the sugar-cane borer - (0.61 MB)
Membership list - (1.41 MB)
Mills,The effect of certain fungicides as seed treatments for sugar cane in louisiana - (0.33 MB)
Mungomery,The status of benzene hexachloride in the control of some queensland sugar cane pe - (0.55 MB)
Murray,Improvements in sugar mill crushing trains by the application - (0.55 MB)
Nolla,Injury to sugar cane from 2,4-D - (1.19 MB)
O'Connor,Cyclone and drought insurance of sugar crops in mauritius - (0.18 MB)
Pemberton,The present status of the insect pests of sugar cane in hawaii - (0.28 MB)
Plomley,The distribution of steam in the sugar factory - (0.79 MB)
Powell,An investigation of differences between apparent purity - (0.64 MB)
Powell,Maximum exhaustion in low grade massecuite - (0.35 MB)
Proceedings Index - (1.39 MB)
Rao,Boiling house efficiency indicators - (2.35 MB)
Rao,Xeromorphic adaptations in sugar cane for resistance to drought - (0.54 MB)
Roza,Purified cellulose from bagasse - (0.40 MB)
Savoie,The clarification of filtrate by centrifuging - (0.28 MB)
Savoir,Turbine drive for sugar cane mills - (1.03 MB)
Selman,Effect performance - (1.06 MB)
Sherwood,Microbiological aspects of the deterioration of raw sugar - (1.08 MB)
Sornay,The selection of sugar cane seedlings from first ratoon populations - (0.47 MB)
Steib,Studies on the infection of sugar cane stalks by red rot fungus - (0.35 MB)
Steib,The phytophthora rot of sugar cane pieces in louisiana - (0.35 MB)
Steindl,Ratoon stunting disesse - (0.91 MB)
Stevenson,New horizons in sugar cane breeding - (0.67 MB)
Stokes,Improvements in portable apparatus used for weighing sugar cane - (0.24 MB)
Sun,The effect of lime water treatment on seed cane using different sources of seed material - (0.44 MB)
Symes,The biological treatment of distillery waste - (0.51 MB)
The administrative executive - (0.24 MB)
Tucker,A 20 year record of the biological control of one sugar cane pest - (0.81 MB)
Ulmer,The application of basic water chemistry to depot problems in sugar evaporators - (0.50 MB)
Vallance,The effect of molasses and sweet sorghum residues on soil structure - (0.53 MB)
Vazquez,Paper products from sugar cane - (0.57 MB)
Venton,The present status of low grade work in queensland - (0.12 MB)
Waddel,Principles of a relative percentage payment system - (0.20 MB)
Wang,Studies on Physalospora Tucumenensis speg - (0.33 MB)
Webre,Mechanical circulation and refined sugar crystallization - (0.91 MB)
Wilson,Frenchi grub control in north queensland by benzene hexachloride - (0.25 MB)
Wolcott,The chemical control of white grubs in puerto rico - (0.50 MB)
Young,The development of the fairymead cane harvester - (0.61 MB)
Zerban,Report of the special committee on uniformity in reporting factory data - (1.64 MB)
Zwaluwenburg,The insects affecting sugar cane in mexico - (0.33 MB)