Proceedings - 1938

Halais,Recent soil studies in mauritius - (0.38 MB)
Abbott Cytospora Rot of Sugarcane in Louisiana - (0.87 MB)
Abbott Red Rot of Sugarcane - (0.11 MB)
Aguirre A Preliminary Note on the Field Experimentation - (0.50 MB)
arceneaux A Study of the Relation Between Size of Field - (0.88 MB)
Arceneaux Border Competition in Sugarcane Variety Tests - (0.98 MB)
Arceneaux,Report of the committee on technique of field experiments - (0.22 MB)
Artschwager ,Illustrated outline for use in taxonomic - (0.51 MB)
Artschwager Relative Usefulness and Variability of Vege - (0.56 MB)
Artschwager Relative Usefulness and Variability of Vegetative - (0.06 MB)
Atkinson On the Nature of Resistance of Sugarcane to Re - (0.55 MB)
Avice The By-Products of the Mauritius Sugar Industry - (0.14 MB)
Bahadur Cane Hybridization Work in Coimbatore - (0.10 MB)
Barlett The Introduction of Predatory Beetles into Puer - (0.17 MB)
Barr Notes on Labor Saving Devices - (0.32 MB)
Bartlett The Introduction and Colonization of the Amazo - (0.18 MB)
Beauchamp The Composition of the Crude Chlorophyll and - (0.65 MB)
Behne Present Practice in Raw Sugar MAnufacture in Quee - (1.22 MB)
Bell The Selection of Second Year Seedlings - (0.33 MB)
Bitancourt Diseases of Sugarcane in Brazil - (0.47 MB)
Borden Studies in Experimental Technique - Plot Arrange - (0.73 MB)
Box Biological Control of Diatraea Saccharalis in St Lu - (1.02 MB)
Box Some Aspects of the Campaign Against the Moth Borer - (1.36 MB)
Brandes Assembling and Evaluating Wild Forms of Sugarca - (2.16 MB)
Breeding and Testing Sugarcane Seedlings for Gumming Di - (0.94 MB)
Business Sessions - (0.79 MB)
Bynum Sources of Infestation by the Sugarcane Borer and - (0.77 MB)
Campbell Hawaiian Rapid Chemical Methods at Natal Estat - (0.87 MB)
Clausen Some Phases of Biological Control Work Applicab - (0.42 MB)
Clayton Drainage of Peat Soils in the Florida Everglade - (0.39 MB)
Coombes Caneland Cultivation in Mauritius - (0.30 MB)
Davies A Contribution to Raw Sugar Clarification - (0.58 MB)
de Sornay Brief Description of a Crossing Lantern Used - (0.15 MB)
de Sornay Seedling Selection in Mauritius - (0.59 MB)
Denley Deep Tillage Work in Louisiana Using the Gyrolet - (0.15 MB)
Denley Windrowing Cane for the Mill - (0.19 MB)
Denley Yield Trends in Louisiana as Affected by Varieti - (0.29 MB)
Dennis New Equipment for Improving the Efficiency of Mi - (0.29 MB)
Diagi Use of Hot Minglers at Central Jaronu - (0.13 MB)
Dugas Trend in Natural Parasitism of Sugarcane Borer Di - (0.33 MB)
Duhe Cultuvation with Rubber Tired Tractors - (0.11 MB)
Dutt Paper on Certain Floral Characteristics in Sugarca - (1.05 MB)
Eddy An Attempt to Colonize Hippodamia Convergens - (0.10 MB)
Eddy Sugar and Sugar Products in Insecticides - (0.30 MB)
Edgerton Stubble Deterioration - (0.48 MB)
Ellisor Experiments with Insecticides in the Control of - (0.65 MB)
Entertainment Features and Trips (Second Week at Baton - (0.25 MB)
Evans Some Aspects of the Problem of Drought Resistance - (0.42 MB)
Follett-Smith A Note on the Sugarcane Soils of British - (0.45 MB)
Follett-Smith Flood Fallowing of Sugarcane Soils - (0.27 MB)
Follett-Smith The Factory Comparison of Different Grade - (0.18 MB)
Forbes Immunity Studies with Sugarcane Mosaic - (0.41 MB)
Forrest Precision Requirements in Refractometer Design - (0.43 MB)
Fort The influence of Sirup Composition on Sugar Qualit - (0.69 MB)
Fortier Refining Cane Sugar for the American Market - (0.31 MB)
Fowler Recent Improvements in the Sucro-Blanc Process o - (0.51 MB)
Fowlie Suggested Ways and Means of Meeting New Economic - (0.45 MB)
Fukuchi Interplanting of Sugarcanes to Paddy Rice - (0.14 MB)
Garlough Rodents in Relation to Sugarcane Growing - (0.52 MB)
Geerligs The Keeping Quality of Cane Sugar Molasses - (0.35 MB)
General Session - Presidential Address - (2.72 MB)
Gibb Land Preparation for Sugarcane - (0.49 MB)
Graywood-Smith Trichogramma Proves Itself in Sugarcane - (0.62 MB)
Heitor Paper on the Red Stripe of Sugarcane in Brazil - (0.29 MB)
Holloway Introductions and Recoveries of Parasites of S - (0.31 MB)
Holman Double Versus Single Planting - (0.24 MB)
Holmes A Study of the Number of Stalks of Cane Required - (0.26 MB)
Holmes Comparison of Soil Analyses with the Response of - (0.51 MB)
Holmes Improvements in the Methods and Equipment for We - (0.24 MB)
Holmes Preliminary Studies on the Correlation of Cane J - (0.33 MB)
Honig The Relation Between the Composition of Sugar Sol - (0.16 MB)
Hughes Alternate Hosts of Bacterium Vascularum - (0.62 MB)
Humbert Basic Problems of Sugarcane Nutrition II - Appl - (0.40 MB)
Hurst Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Studies with Sugarc - (0.60 MB)
Ingram A Summary of Investigations on the Sugarcane Bee - (0.31 MB)
Ingram Insect Vectors of Sugarcane Mosaic in Continenta - (0.80 MB)
Ingram Sugarcane Pests in Florida - (0.62 MB)
Introduction to Sixth Congress of ISSCT - (1.60 MB)
ISSCT Proceedings of the Sixth Cogress - Table of Conte - (1.91 MB)
Jaynes Further Attempts to Establish Lixophaga Diataeae - (0.92 MB)
Jepson The Progress of Applied Entomology in Mauritius - (0.32 MB)
Keller Studies of Louisiana Raw Sugar - (0.60 MB)
Kelly Conductimetric Determination of Ash in Sugar Hous - (0.43 MB)
Kelsey Electric Drives for Cane Mills - (0.25 MB)
Kerr Cane Sampling Methods with Field Experiments - (0.22 MB)
Kerr Notes on Plot Technique - (0.77 MB)
Kerr Some Studies in Soil Sampling Technique - (0.43 MB)
Kerr The Laboratory Determination of Soil Fertility - (0.58 MB)
Kiryu Sclerotic Disease of Sugarcane - (0.59 MB)
Kopke Graphic Critique of Factory Operations - (0.32 MB)
Lauritzen Resistance to Inversion of Sucrose in Harvest - (0.63 MB)
LeBeau The Relation of Environmental Factors and Antago - (0.49 MB)
Lennox Sugarcane Collection in New Guinea During 1937 - (0.94 MB)
List of Delegates and Members Registering at the Sixth - (1.50 MB)
LSU Dinner - (0.80 MB)
Mangelsdorh Sugarcane Varieties in Hawaii - (0.36 MB)
Martin Stem Galls of Sugarcane Induced with an Insect E - (0.70 MB)
Martin Transport in Mauritius - (0.12 MB)
Mathes Preliminary Report on Studies of Progenies of Su - (0.47 MB)
Matz Comparative Study of Sugarcane Mosaic from Differe - (0.58 MB)
Maze Mechanical Harvesting of Sugarcane in Hawaii - (0.73 MB)
McCalip Effect on Factory Cane Juices and Sirups of Leu - (1.00 MB)
McKaig Preliminary Chemical Studies of Four Soil Types - (0.46 MB)
McKaig The Influence of the Soil on the Chemical Compos - (0.39 MB)
McMartin Some Preliminary Trials on the Control of Sett - (0.42 MB)
Meade The Use of Phosphoric Acid in Cane Sugar Manufact - (0.63 MB)
Micheli Viscosity Supersaturation Relationships of Indu - (0.76 MB)
Moir Report of the Special Standing Committee on Descri - (0.16 MB)
Moore Automatic pH Control of Secondary Liming in the F - (0.58 MB)
Munson The Caterpillar 20 with Calcwell All Steel Attac - (0.17 MB)
Nelson Re-Use of Washed Sugar Liquor Filter Cake in Syr - (0.18 MB)
Neuville Behaviour of the Molasses of the Sucreries D'E - (0.55 MB)
North,Sugarcane improvement work in new south wales - (0.66 MB)
Notes on the Practical Application of the Fractional Li - (0.11 MB)
O'neal,The more important soils of the sugarcane - (0.76 MB)
Ocfemia A Review of Sugarcane Diseases in the Philippin - (0.37 MB)
Ocfemia Some Recent Findings Regarding Fiji Disease of - (0.33 MB)
Olivier Improvements in the Manufacture of Sugar in Mau - (0.15 MB)
Orian Natural Hosts of Bacterium Vascularum (Cobb) in M - (0.82 MB)
Osterberger Biology and Importance of the Sugarcane Roo - (0.27 MB)
Pemberton Quarantine Measures Against Insects Carried b - (0.12 MB)
Pitcairn Utilization of Bagasse - (0.35 MB)
Plant Quarantine Restrictions on the Entry of Sugarcane - (0.37 MB)
Powe Sucrose Loss in Filtercake When Bagacillo is added - (0.27 MB)
Rands Pythium Root Rot of Sugarcane - (0.11 MB)
Rosenfeld Minor Sugarcane Diseases in Egypt - (0.34 MB)
Ryker The Rhizoctonia Disease of Bermuda Grass, Sugarca - (1.04 MB)
Saito On the Influence of the Phosphorous Deficiency Up - (0.60 MB)
Sartoris The Behaviour of Sugarcane in Relation to Leng - (0.49 MB)
Scaramuzza The Introduction of Theresia Claripalsis int - (0.51 MB)
Schaffer Seed Selection and Roguing in the Practical Co - (0.46 MB)
Schmidt Reduction in Costs by Correct Filtration Proced - (0.47 MB)
Schreiner Laboratory and Field Methods for Determining - (0.89 MB)
Schreiner Report of the Committee on Soils - (0.13 MB)
Seelig Forced Draft for Bagasse Furnaces - (0.74 MB)
Sorenson The Behaviour of Mosaic on Certain Soils and M - (0.22 MB)
Stevens Recent Investigations and Developments in the P - (1.09 MB)
Stevenson Breeding and Testing Sugarcane Seedlings (1) - (0.35 MB)
Stevenson Breeding and Testing Sugarcane Seedlings for - (0.94 MB)
Stevenson Breeding and Testing Sugarcane Seedlings for gumming - (0.29 MB)
Stokes Portable Apparatus Used for Weighing Sugarcane i - (0.36 MB)
Sumers A Study of the Common Mosaic of Sugarcane with S - (0.12 MB)
Takano,The field rats & their control in formosa - (0.42 MB)
Tims Dwarf or Multiple Bud Diseaese of Sugarcane in Lou - (0.36 MB)
Tims Recent Developments in Sugarcane Pathology - (0.70 MB)
Tucker Some Aspects of the Control of the Sugarcane Mot - (0.23 MB)
Voorhies An Outline of Recent Sugar Contro Programs and - (0.72 MB)
Waddell Review of Technical Progress Made in the Philip - (0.57 MB)
Waddell Treatment of Low Grade Massecuites - (0.28 MB)
Webre New Possibilities of the Two Boiling System - (0.50 MB)
Webre Work with Vacuum Pans - (0.25 MB)
Williams An Efficient and Compact Layout for Sugarcane - (0.30 MB)
Yamafuji The Value of Cane Juice as a Yeast Nutrient M - (0.30 MB)
Yamafuji A New Method for Determining Reducing Sugar - (0.19 MB)
Yamasaki Paper on the Arrowing Tendency of Sugarcanes a - (0.14 MB)
Yamasaki,The cell sap concentration - (0.27 MB)
Zerban Report of Special Committee on Uniformity in Rep - (0.34 MB)