Proceedings - 1929

Arceneaux Plot Arrangements and Some Results of Variety - (0.92 MB)
Bahadur Problems for the Sugar-Cane Breeder - (2.94 MB)
Bolle Different Forms of Top Rot - (1.02 MB)
Booberg Field Experiments for the Sugar-Cane in Java an - (3.26 MB)
Booberg Manuring in the Sugar-Cane Cultivation of Java - (2.02 MB)
Brandes Report of the Committee on Quarantine Practice - (1.51 MB)
Bremer Short Remarks on the Cytology of Saccharum - (1.89 MB)
Bremer,The cytology of saccharum - (1.38 MB)
Carpenter Pythium Root Rot in Hawaii - (1.43 MB)
Clarke Cultivation and Field Operations with Sugar-Cane - (0.89 MB)
de Speville A Comparative Study of Yields Obtained from - (1.09 MB)
Deer Cane Cultivation in Northern India - (1.25 MB)
Deerr A Method for the Analysis of Cane Milling Operati - (0.65 MB)
Deerr Miller and Grower in Northern India - (0.68 MB)
Dodds A Field Trial of Certain Sugarcane Varieties - (0.72 MB)
Dodds Cultivation and Field Operations in Natal, South - (0.83 MB)
Douwes-Dekker The Decomposition of the Reducing Sugars - (3.80 MB)
Earle Co-Operation Between Field and Mill in Cuba - (1.03 MB)
Gerber Irrigation, Plant and Organization, Its Importan - (0.91 MB)
Haldane Results Obtained with Baryta-Alumina Clarificia - (0.75 MB)
Hart,The economic advantages and drawbacks of the java sugar industry - (1.62 MB)
Hazelhoff Biological Control of Oregma Lanigera in Java - (0.71 MB)
Hazelhoff Mechanical Control of the White Top Borer of - (1.30 MB)
Hazelhoff,Determining the damage done to sugar cane in java - (0.45 MB)
Holloway Sugar Cane Insects of North America and the We - (3.18 MB)
Honig On the Presence of Non-Sugars in Sucrose Crystals - (0.77 MB)
Honig,The development of the methods of manufacture in the java industry - (0.65 MB)
Jeswiet,General meeting - (4.03 MB)
Jeswiet,The development of selection and breeding of the sugarcane in java - (1.57 MB)
Khainovsky A Study of Milling and Hot Maceration of the - (1.86 MB)
Konigsberger Cultivation and Field Operations - (0.10 MB)
Konigsberger Half a Century of Cane Growing in Java - (5.54 MB)
Konigsberger Proceedings of the Third Congress of the N - (0.10 MB)
Koningsberger,General remarks on cane cultivation - (0.76 MB)
Maxwell A Comparative Survey of Milling as Practised in - (1.67 MB)
McCleery Preparation of Cane and Grooving - (0.56 MB)
Moir Varities (Including Propagation and Selection) - (1.55 MB)
North The Bacterial Vascular Diseases of Sugar Cane - (0.55 MB)
Posthumus On the Present State of Cane-Breeding in Java - (1.01 MB)
Proceedings of the Third Congress of the ISSCT - Genera - (0.76 MB)
Proceedings of the Third Congress of the ISSCT Held at Soerabaia - (2.97 MB)
Proceedings of the Third Congress on the Internatio (1) - (1.43 MB)
Proceedings of the Third Congress on the International - (3.03 MB)
Rands Fungi Associated with Root Rots of Sugar Cane in - (1.34 MB)
Rosenfeld The Decline and Renaissance of Louisianas S - (1.05 MB)
Shaw,Sugar cane restrictions - (1.24 MB)
Sijlmans The Principal Milling Control Terms in the Dif - (1.14 MB)
Social Functions and Excursions of the Third Congress o - (1.00 MB)
Sturrock The Tractor in Cultivation - (1.06 MB)
Tempany Cultivation and Field Operations of Sugar Cane - (0.33 MB)
van Dijk On Planting and Planting Material in Java - (1.49 MB)
van Zwaluwenburg Summary of Investigations of the Soil - (0.93 MB)
Verret Cultivation and Field Operations in Hawaii - (1.18 MB)
Wilbrink Mechanical Transmission of Sugar Cane Mosaic - (1.16 MB)
Zerban Factory Operation and Chemical Control - (0.08 MB)
Zerban Report of the Special Committee on Uniformity in - (1.94 MB)