Past Workshops - Period 2005 - 2007


Mt. Edgecombe, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
11-14 July 2006

"Managing Change in Mature Sugar Cane Industries"


The First Workshop of the Management Section was held at KwaShukela Building, Mt. Edgecombe, Durban, South Africa, from
11 - 14 July 2006
and was very well organized by South African Cane Growers Association.

There were 41 participants from 10 countries.

The Programme during the week and the Report are accessible on this website.

This Management Workshop was also used as a focal point to bring together CEOs from major research organisations to brain-storm common issues (coordinated by Eoin Wallis, CEO of BSES, Australia), as well as to provide a platform for the first meeting of the International Sugar Cane Biomass Utilization Consortium (ISBUC), coordinated by Peter Rein, Director of Audubon Sugar Institute, USA and Jean Claude Autrey, Director of MSIRI, Mauritius.
Details on this meeting which was held on 11 July 2006 are given on this website at

For further information please contact the organizer:

Mr. Adrian Wynne
Deputy Director
Industrial Affairs
P.O. Box 888,
Mt. Edgecombe, 4300

Tel: (27) 31 5087200
Fax: (27) 31 5087201