International Sugarcane Biomass Utilization Consortium (ISBUC)


An international consortium has been set up to promote the development of technology which can be used to extract additional value by making better use of the whole sugar cane crop. This has been initiated by ISSCT as a part of its efforts to encourage the interchange of technical information and promote cooperative research and development. The aims and objectives of the consortium are as follows:
  • To promote research into the processing of sugar cane biomass into useful value-added products.
  • To establish collaboration among research providers to enhance progress towards
    commercialization of useful products.
  • To use the input of sugar companies and other industry stakeholders to direct research priorities for maximum benefit.
A Memorandum of Understanding Governing the Activities of the International Sugarcane Biomass Utilization Consortium (ISBUC) which outlines how the consortium functions has been drawn up and agreed at two preliminary planning meetings held in South Africa and Brazil. Reports on these meetings (FIRST-July 2006 & SECOND-November 2006) and the issues discussed relative to the formation of the consortium are available for information.

A meeting was held on 1st August 2007 during the XXVI ISSCT Congress in Durban to convey to all interested parties the objectives of ISBUC and to encourage prospective members to join. Some 45 delegates presented at the Congress attended the meeting. The notes of meeting are given at

3th Meeting of the International Sugarcane Biomass Utilization Consortium (ISBUC) - Click here

The 4th Meeting of ISBUC was held on 10 and 11 March 2010 during the XXVII ISSCT Congress in Veracruz Mexico. The Project entitled "Proposal to develop gasification for high efficiency power and biofuel production in the sugarcane industry; Stage I – development of enabling technologies and feasibility" . An non-confidential summary of the Project, a form for expression of interest, a non-disclosure agreement and a membership application form are available at The 13 members of ISBUC have been contacted to take part in the Project. Eleven among them have formally signed the Expression of Interest Form and the Non-Disclosure Agreement. At the end of October 2010, one institution has committed funds for the coming three years for the Project. Reply from the other nine members is awaited. International Institutions including donor agencies have been approached for financing the Project.

ISBUC is led by a Steering Committee composed of Dr. Philip A. Hobson of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia , Dr. Suleiman José Hassuani of the Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira (CTC), Brazil and Dr. Jean Claude Autrey, General Secretary of ISSCT.


- On-line Registration for payment by Mastercard, Visa and AMEX
- Membership application Form for normal payment system by credit card (3.5 % bank charges)

Interested parties are invited to contact the ISSCT Secretariat for details. Any ideas, questions or suggestions should be addressed to Dr. Philip A. Hobson with copies to Dr. Jean Claude Autrey:

Dr. Philip A. HOBSON
Queensland University of Technology
Rm. H303, QUT, 2 George St.,
Brisbane, Qld 4001

Tel: +61 731381240
Fax: +61 731384132
Dr Jean Claude Autrey
General Secretary
International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT)
97 Georgetown Bldg, St. Jean Rd
Quatre Bornes,

Tel: +230 465 6800
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