Becoming a member
Membership of the Society shall be opened to all persons and organizations involved in the study, application or dissemination of sugar cane technology. Membership is for a period of about three years that runs from the end of one Congress to the end of the next. Although it expires with that Congress, members will continue to receive newsletters and announcements but they must renew in order to participate in any activity during the next inter-congress period.

Attendance at and participation in the Congress and Workshops is restricted to MEMBERS ONLY. TECHNOLOGISTS/SCIENTISTS/MANAGERS OR EMPLOYEES OF MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS MUST JOIN AS INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE IN ISSCT ACTIVITIES. Except that each corporate member is entitled to one free individual member as corporate representative.


The following classes of membership exist:

AFFILIATED & ASSOCIATION MEMBERS   National Societies of Sugar Cane Technologists with objectives consistent with those of the Society.
Membership dues: USD 300.
Entitled to one copy of the Proceedings free.
INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS   Research institutions, libraries, companies and other non-profit organizations, which support the Society's objectives.
Membership dues: USD 300
CORPORATE MEMBERS   Industrial and commercial organizations which are associated with the sugar industry and which support the Society's objectives.
Membership dues: USD 2000
Entitled to one Corporate Representative as Individual member and one copy of the Proceedings free.
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS   Membership dues: USD 140
HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS   Elected on merit.
No fees.
Entitled to one copy of the Proceedings free.

Please note that profit-making companies can only join as Corporate members.


Payment of dues must be made in US dollars by ONLINE PAYMENT at (No bank charges)

VISA, MasterCard and Amex Securecode Program for extra protection for online transaction
You will be requested by your bank to enter your User ID and a One Time Password sent by SMS or email. This allows your bank to verify that the transaction is being done by the genuine cardholder while virtually eliminating risks of your card being used fraudulently online. To avoid online transactions being declined, make sure that your mobile number and email address are up to date with your respective bank.

Membership application form for payment by Credit Card
The application form duly filled in and payments should be sent to the General Secretary by e-mail ( or by fax
+230 465 2961.

I wish to draw your attention that ISSCT Executive Committee and Council have decided at the XXIX Congress that henceforth membership cards and receipts will no more be sent by post because this procedure is costly, most often delivery takes weeks and at times the cards and receipts get lost in the post.


You will need to quote your membership card number when you register for workshops and congress. You may use the original electronic copy to this end. In case you lose the membership card, please let us know and we will resend it to you.

Inadequate provision and failure to follow the procedures may delay registration considerably.