ISSCT CONSTITUTION (Amended August 2007)

Since the foundation of the ISSCT in 1924, the Society's Constitution has evolved a great deal to improve its activities and operations.

The two major improvements to the Constitution in more recent years have been in 1986, with the setting up of an Executive Committee to ensure continuity and management during periods between Congresses, and in 1995 with the establishment of a Permanent Secretariat. Other minor changes have been effected at various Congresses.

At the XXIIIrd, XXIVth and XXVth Congresses, the Society has taken several further strategic initiatives to better respond to members' expectations. The most important changes in 2001 have aimed at greater involvement of the Executive in the future management and control of Congress, and improved communication with Councillors and Affiliated Societies through changes in the appointment of Councillors. The latest changes have been the setting up of a Management Commission, the appointment of a Editor and Security measures for members attending Congresses and Workshops.

Those aspects of the ISSCT Constitution which constitute the Society's Policy, and details of the Procedures to run the Society's activities according to the objectives of the Constitution, have also been spelled out in three documents which can be accessed on this site. The most recent is an Operations Manual of the Technical Program Committee which defines its roles and responsibilities and spells out in detail the procedures associated with the organisation of the technical program of an ISSCT congress and of ISSCT workshops.

At the XXVIth Congress in Durban, a revised consolidated version of the Constitution has been approved and is available on this website.

The Permanent Secretariat will henceforth been known as Secretariat and the Permanent Secretary as General Secretary.